Sonic z classic sonic
First appearance: Fighters of Lapis 3: Stargate

Latest appearance: The Mysterious Five Project

Classic Sonic is the past version of Sonic the Hedgehog. He is a recurring character in the Fighters of Lapis Series.


Sonic 3D Blast: Remastered

Classic Sonic is the only playable character in this game. He must rescue the Flickies from Dr. Robotnik and his robot drones.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3D

In this rebooted continuity this is the only Sonic, known simply as Sonic. Robotnik has kidnapped furry woodland creatures on South Island and turned them into an army of robots, and only Sonic can stop him.

Moveset (Mysterious X Project)

  • Standard Special: Homing Attack: Similar to Modern Sonic's standard special, but exchanges speed for slightly greater damage to opponents.
  • Side Special: Summon Ally: Classic Sonic summons either Tails or Knuckles, depending on how long the D-Pad is held down.
    • 1-3 Seconds: Tails: Classic Tails flies towards the enemy, picking him/her up and taking them to a random area.
    • 4-6 Seconds: Knuckles : Classic Knuckles glides into the enemy, knocking them to the opposite end of the battlefield.
  • Up Special: Super Spring: Almost identical to Modern Sonic's spring; however, he runs in the air one second after launch, allowing him to get somewhere faster.
  • Down Special: Spin Dash: Works like Modern Sonic's version, but he can only go forwards.
  • Hold Special: Elemental Shield
    • 1-3 Seconds: Flame Shield: Classic Sonic will deflect all fire-based abilities, and can dash forward after jumping.
    • 4-6 Seconds: Thunder Shield: He will attract all items and deflect energy attacks. He can also perform a midair jump.
    • 7-9 Seconds: Aqua Shield: Classic Sonic will move underwater more easily, at the cost of not being able to swim. After jumping, he can thrust himself downward and bounce like a bubble.
  • Super Move: Tornado: Classic Sonic hops onto Classic Tails's biplane. You can aim its cannon at enemies, like Solid Snake's bazooka in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


  • Classic Sonic being able to run in midair after a Super Spring launch is a play on how in the original Genesis games, Sonic does this same action.

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