Chain Riot! is a 2018 video game being developed for the V² by TimeStrike. It centers upon Shakerina, a cyborg working at the Zaxinian Burger Joint, as she tries to halt and destroy the evil fast food chains coming from a destroyed Earth from an alternative timeline. The game's purpose is to poke fun of popular fast food chains, especially McDonalds, and pick them apart for their unhealthy content, their lies, and specific processes like the slaughterhouse.

The idea of Chain Riot! comes from both the book Fast Foot Nation and McJobs, and how the fast food industry is shaping North America. Shakerina's goal is to help improve the quality of the chain she belongs to while destroying alien chains like McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy's, while taking down minor threats like Taco Bell and Dunkin' Donuts, attempting to defend the Lifts from these malicious threats who destroyed Earth and its inhabitants.


In Chain Riot!, you'll be spending most of the game outside your burger joint, going around the landscape and defending your home from evil, zombie-like employees who are either fat or diseased, and you must slay them out of their misery, and also take down normal employees that service the houses of alien restaurants, like McDonalds, and destroy those restaurants. For every level, you face between one to four restaurants to seek and destroy, with McDonalds being in the final level. You have to use defensive strategies to prevent them from taking down your own business, and use the money you find off the ground to help repair the restaurant when damage has been done.

You only have your arms and soda as weapons. You must use your soda blasters to drench foes and then hit them physically when they're weakened. The game plays with both combat and shooting and you'll find yourself utilizing these different tools in different ways to destroy enemies. As you progress in the game, your weapons will improve and your armor will increase, often taking elements from the restaurant chains you have conquered.

You also can use what made those restaurants "great" by improving your own restaurant with them. It'll increase both its stability, its overall defense, and make it look prettier. You must keep your restaurant up and stable - if it falls over at any point in the story, you have to start your entire adventure over, right from the beginning, by building a new one, but doing so takes time and the empires will rise again. Fortunately though you don't lose your new weapons, you'll be able to blast through old chapters with ease.

Building your restaurant takes a bit of time and it requires that you go around your town and search for parts. Good luck!


  • Chain Riot! is meant to be a stick that pokes fun at way too many other companies.
  • :U

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