Celia Carrol is the main character of the 2014 RPG Through the Rabbit Hole developed by Unversed Entertainment. One of four heroes destined to save Wilderment, she is very curious and sometimes gets herself and others into bad situations, but always means well. The first playable character, Celia has a number of moves, many of which are defensive and revolve around her field ability to see hidden evils. These powers paired with a good fighter can make her very dangerous and eliminate dangerous foes.

Abilities and Stats

Name Cost Description Weapons
Swing(Default) 0 WP Swings an object at the enemy to do 8, then 16, then 32 damage to the foe.
  • Dress: Default
  • Heel(6 Weapon Points): Pierces defense.
  • Chipped Tea Cup(2 Weapon Points): Boosts defense by 1 in the next attack.
  • Umbrella(1 Weapon Point): Allows you to attack aerial enemies.
  • Glove(1 Weapon Point): Raises the likeleness of Wonderful Hits.
Power Swing(Default) 3 WP Swings an object at the enemy to do 1.5 the damage of the Swing attack. Same as the Swing weapons, but called Power weapons.
On Guard(Unlocked at Level 25) 3 WP Halves the next attack's power
  • On Guard: Default.
  • Zap Guard(1 Weapon Point): More damage is done, but the foe also takes damage.
  • Strong Guard(4 Weapon Points): Makes damage do 1/4 of it's regular attack power.
  • Bomb Guard(2 Weapon Points): Does the same amount of damage, but does a large amount of damage to attackers.
  • En Guarde(3 Weapon Points): Direct attacks do no damage, but projectiles and status effects are un-changed.
Pierce(Unlocked at Level 50) 3 WP Decreases the foe's attack and defense.
  • Pierce: Default
  • Defense Pierce(4 Weapon Points): Removes all defense when used.
  • Status Pierece(2 Weapon Points): Removes all status effect attacks from the foe.
  • Risk Pierce(2 Weapon Points): Has a chance to remove all attack for one turn and all defense for the rest of the battle, but also has a chance to double attack and temporarily defense.
  • Poison Pierce(3 Weapon Points): Also poisons the foe when used.
Wake Up(Unlocked at Level 75) 4 WP If successful, defeats all weak enemies.
  • Wake Up: Default
  • Rude Awakening(2 Weapon Points): Has a better chance to defeat all weak enemies but makes the player dizzy for a turn.
  • Half Awake(2 Weapon Points): Never defeats all weak enemies, but always does damage to them, even if they are dodgy.
  • Up and Awake(4 Weapon Points): Always defeats all weak enemies.
  • Up and at 'em(3 Weapon Points): Has a chance to defeat all strong enemies as well.
Tornado(Unlocked at Level 100) 6 WP Does 16 damage to all foes.
  • Tornado: Default.
  • Tsunami(2 Weapon Points): Does double damage to all fire enemies.
  • Thunder Storm(2 Weapon Points): Does 16 damage to all foes and makes the party electrified temporarily.
  • Earthquake(2 Weapon Points): Does 32 damage to all ground enemies, but nothing to aerial foes.
  • Cyclone(7 Weapon Points): Does double damage to all foes.



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