Casino Crashers is an upcoming Umbrella game that is different from the others. You gather your characters from a casino, and traverse throughout a dungeon. It can be rather cruel, killing off your characters. It has been confirmed to be the first canon game in Vivillios.


Casino Crashers is a game about taking risks, hence the name. When the game starts you only begin with one character, which is Mario. You begin in a dungeon of sorts and can traverse the dungeon to gain coins, but watch out for enemies! In this game, there are two health bars. One is the one during battle, and the second one is in the overlay. The overlay is actually two (three in easy) battle health bars combined, meaning you have two/three chances with that character, or it will be eliminated. In normal mode, when a character loses all of its health, it dies, its corpse can be looted for items. In easy mode, though, characters will faint for a whole floor, and get back up after the team arrives to the next floor. To get more characters, you can use the coins you earn in the gambling center to earn chars, which all have a rarity. If you get a character you already have, you can still use it! Though you can combine the two of the same together to up its XP a little bit.

Fighting is similar in formula to Smash Bros., though you have health bars. Assists are made through coins, and when a coin pops up a lottery machine will appear in the middle, and to summon the assist you must make it to the machine. The 'final smash' of the game is called a Royal Flush, which is when you get 4 Flush Cards, allowing you to bring out the power attack of the character.

How the Dungeon Works

Tending to your Characters

Story Mode


Many characters enter a new casino, but things then go sour when the casino finally reveals its true intentions and everything becomes a bloodbath. Mario finds himself laying on the cold dungeon floor, with the casino just up the stairs..

Read the Story Here!


There isn't much story, but the backstory will be placed here.

After a well-known Dungeon Keeper creates a new dungeon, nobody seems to be lured into it. He then has the perfect idea. He builds a casino on the first floor and attracts many people. Once everyone files in, he begins to attack them. He locks some into a gambling machine, and turns others into coins, while some others get brainwashed. A few escape, but are left in the dungeon, all alone. They must figure out a way to get out, though, this dungeon is endless....


The full roster will only have 45 characters. 10 Common, 10 Uncommon, 10 Rare, 7 Ultra Rare, 5 Legendary and 3 ???

Character Description
440px-Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

Mario, the savior of video games himself, and surely we couldn't have forgot of him! Mario is literally the only starter in the game, but that doesnt mean he can kick some ass! Mario is the most balanced character in the game.


  • Up Attack - Propellor 'Shroom - Mario will grab onto a Propellor Mushroom and propel upwards, hitting anyone in his way.
  • Down Attack - Rock Mario - Mario will transform into Rock Mario, crushing anyone beneath him and making him invincible for a few seconds. He cannot move, though.
  • Side Attack - Hammer Suit - Mario throws several hammers in the direction he is facing.
  • Nuetral Attack - Flamethrower - Mario shoots out a bunch of fireballs from his hand.
  • Royal Flush - Mega Mario - Mario eats a Mega Mushroom and becomes larger, aswell as his attacks becoming stronger.
  • Finisher - Mega Mash - Mario picks up the character as Mega Mario, and slams them onto the ground, then repeatedly stomping on the character. It then shows the character flattened on Mario's shoe.



The brother of Mario, who hides in his shadow, but still can pack a punch! Luigi comes in with ice powers and his trusty Poltergust. He can also throw his Poltergust onto the ground, causing an explosion that will hurt him and anyone beside him.


  • Up Attack - Tanooki Swing - Luigi will grow a Tanooki tail and swing it forward, spinning upward and hitting anyone in the way.
  • Down Attack - Vacuum - Luigi will point his Poltergust down, rapidly descending down. If anyone is directly under him, they will be stuck in the Poltergust for awhile.
  • Side Attack - Bob-omb Lunge - Luigi will throw a Bob-omb that has a 5 second detonation counter, it can be held, but if held for too long it will explode in Luigi's hands.
  • Nuetral Attack - Cardboard Whack - Luigi will set up a Weegee cardboard cut out and punch it, sending it slamming straight to the ground. It will hit anyone in the radius.
  • Royal Flush - Possession - Luigi gets possessed by King Boo, and is able to fly, aswell as being extremely strong
  • Finisher - Spooks - Luigi stares into the enemies soul as the enemy slowly dissapears from existence.



Pac-Man! Not the new 'Ghostly AdvenSHIT' one, the good 'ol one we know and love from the arcade. He is the glass cannon of the game, being very strong but very weak, aswell. He can summon cherries to heal himself, shoot ghosts at people, and even shoot pellets at enemies!


  • Up Attack - Pac-Lunge - Pac Man will face upward and shoot up, making a 'WAKA WAKA' noise as he jumps up.
  • Down Attack - Pac-Meal - A cherry appears above Pac-Man and he eats it.
  • Side Attack - Pac-Ghost - Pac-Man will projectile vomit a ghost forward, the ghost moves around for about 5 seconds and then dissapears.
  • Nuetral Attack - Pac-Blast - Pac-Man will shoot pellets everywhere, damaging enemies
  • Royal Flush - Pac-Maze - Everyone gets put into a Pac-Maze as Pac-Man becomes super fast, chasing the players around in the Pac-Maze at a fast speed
  • Finisher - Pac-Munch - Pac-Man corners the enemy and devours it whole, replying with a 'WAKA WAKA'

PantheonZombiePantheon Zombie Pantheon Zombie is a revived Pantheon that has been brought back by Anubis Necromancess. While Pantheon Zombie isnt very strong, his attacks almost always inflict Poison or slowness. His limbs can detach, but it fills his rage meter and makes him faster. His limbs can regenerate after awhile, though.


IambreadBread Bread! Not just any kind of Bread, the one from 'I AM BREAD', which is a bread that somehow moves by itself. Bread's main weapon is a Baguette Bat, though he also sprays salt on the ground that makes people slip, aswell as throwing explosive toasters. This is one mean, lean, delicious machine!


PinkSlimePink Slime Aww! It's Pink Slime! Pink Slime isn't really strong by himself, but once he eats an item/a character (which will be spit out) he will be able to poop out Plorps, allowing him to use all of his special attacks! Plorps modify what he looks like for a few seconds, and give him new properties. He is generally weak unless he is a Gordo Rock Slime, though he is pretty fast and jumps high.


ChewieChewbacca Chewbacca, the furry dog-looking sidekick of Han Solo. Chewbacca is pretty strong with actual melee, though he trips alot. He attacks mostly with punches and headbutts, but also uses an explosive crossbow to fire at people, aswell. Or you can just hit people over the head with the crossbow, that works, I guess.


Yarn YoshiYarn Yoshi Yarn Yoshi, while yarn might not seem strong, this guy can pack a punch! He utilizes yarn balls to launch at people, aswell as Yoshi's signature eat move, which turns characters into a yarn ball that can be thrown. Though characters can escape the yarn ball if they struggle enough. Yarn Yoshi can somewhat double jump, thouh his second jump is more of a glide.


JarjarcasinoJar Jar Binks

Yousa seeing what meesa seeing? It is Jar Jar Binks! This must be your favorite character, okeeday? He has a droid stuck to his leg that he can throw around, making it shoot at people. His finisher transforms him into Darth Binks, the most feared Sith Lord ever.



Kung-Fu Man

Kung-Fu Man, the first character you get on MUGEN. While Kung Fu Man might seem bad, he isn't really. He is a pretty fast-paced characters and actually deals more damage the higher the combo he gets. His Royal Flush works different, aswell. He has a POWER meter that builds up after him hitting/being hit by someone, and then he can unleash his Royal Flush attack.



JonTron, the hilarious game reviewer. While JonTron himself cant do much, he has two mobile birds that fly around and shoot at players. JonTron has plenty of crappy games to throw at you, and he won't hold back on that!


SuavedudeSuave Dude Suave Dude acts similar to Kung Fu Man, as his Royal Flush works the same way. Though, Suave is more of a fist-fighter, he also uses his gun to shoot aswell. While he is not too fast, he is pretty hard hitting, and very easy for starters. While he is easy to begin with, he isn't that good competitively.



Mario Kart Mario

Oh! Another Mario character! This half-joke character literally flies across the screen, but if it hits someone they will take alot of damage! Though, at any time the car can explode, leaving Mario defenseless for awhile


  • Broken Kart
  • Nitro Juice
  • Golden Dice

TadStrangeTad Strange Tad Strange is surprisingly, not strange at all. He is actually a businessman who has a normal life, with a normal wife and three normal kids. What does he fight with, then? Well, he has a briefcase, so that works, I guess. Oh! He also has.. a Desk Chair? Okay. And apparently his tie helps him, aswell. Thought Tad Strange might be something we have never suspected, as his Royal Flush is a tad bit strange.


LazyTubbsTubbs Tubbs! The fat cat we all know and hate! While Tubbs may seem like a horrible choice, that fat is 5% muscle, yknow? So that qualifies him to be a fighter, right? Surprisingly, Tubbs isn't actually a joke character. He is very heavy, about as heavy as Fat Pikachu. Tubbs attacks mostly consist of foods and giant pillows. His attacks explain him very much.


MasterChefMaster Chief Master Chief, the armed spartan who is known throughout the galaxy. While Master Chief is generally strong, his armor weighs him down very much, so he can barely jump. He also doesn't get a rocket launcher, sadly. Just a Needler and an Assault Rifle. Cortana can also help Chief by summoning a look-alike clone and allowing Chief to go invisible for a few seconds.


200pxDry Bowser The bones of Bowser which have been brought to life by Kamek's magic! Dry Bowser can use bone-related attacks aswell as magical purple fire. Dry Bowser is a slow but strong character.


200pxChell Chell! While she isn't much, her portal gun is! She can shoot portals on people to teleport them closer to her, and even shoot a portal under them to sweep them from under their feet! But if Chell uses the portal gun too much, it will overheat and collapse on itself, causing an explosion that will damage Chell, so be careful!




Colossus after absorbing the Juggernaut's powers, while this may seem awesome he is literally slow as hell and can't jump for shit. He is very strong, though. His head is his strongest spot, which literally resists almost all damage. He also has no ranged attacks either, so that can be used to your advantage



Prince Fluff

Prince Fluff is a poyoyo made out of yarn, yes, this is a real thing. Prince Fluff can transform aswell as use yarn. Prince Fliff can actually triple jump, and is a very light character. He can be knocked back really far, though. He can also tie people up into yarn balls.


200pxSMW Mario

This Mario is straight from Super Mario World with his sweet cape and good ol' SNES graphics. SMW Mario is sort of weak but his cape can be used to inflict many attacks, aswell as him being able to 'Goomba Stomp' players by jumping on their head.


  • Dead Pixels
  • Yellow Cape
  • SNES !!Rare!!

200pxSackboy Karter

Sackboy Karter seems to be a less-jokey version of Mario Kart Mario. Except, who's the clone and the original in this? We may never know. While Sackboy Karter might not be as strong as Mario Kart Mario, it is alot easier to control, aswell as being able to spawn some items into the fight. While the explosion of the kart is smaller, shrapnel flies everywhere from the explosion. And no, this guy is not getting killed off. He's cute, he stays.


200pxAnubis Necromancess Anubis Necromancess V (yes, this guy has died 5 times) is a Mutos Reploid, based on the Anubis, the god of death. He can form his body parts into sand to attack, aswell as being able to rise sand walls. Though he is extremely bulky, his 'heart' is extremely weak and if hit, can be very hurtful.


200pxBayonetta This high-heel gun wearing badass is one of the most fast paced characters in the game, just behing Mario Kart Mario. Use her correctly and you can keep your opponents in the air and land strong hits on them! Her heel-guns come in handy, aswell.


Actual Voltdozz
You wanted a Volt and Vindozz tag team? Well, instead you get them fused together! This is what you wanted, right? Actual Voltdozz uses attacks that Volt and Vindozz use, some combined. Just don't let them die, that would be tragic.


200pxPluto Not the planet, Mickey Mouse's good ol' pet Pluto! This yellow dog is actually a really good character, and can do some pretty cool combo moves. He can also summon Mickey Mouse to help him, so that's pretty cool.


200pxMetal Sonic Metal Sonic, the metallic clone of Sonic made by Robotnik, or is it Eggman now? Who knows. Metal Sonic can't fly, but he is one of the select few that can triple jump. His third jump shoots down two explosive pellets, watch out below! His attacks are mostly based around concetrated energy, aswell as Sonic attacks.


200pxCookie Clicker Cookie Clicker might seem like a reskin of Pluto at first glance, but he isn't really a reskin at all. He utilizes cursors and shoots them at enemies, aswell as as launching explosive cookies at people. He is more of a ranged character then Pluto, but still slow as all hell.

Grandma Certified.


200pxDeathtrap ANARCHY! Deathtrap is a deadly floating robot that has flippin' digistructed claws! It can attack in a flurry of melee swipes, or you can fire an Eye Bolt! Deathtrap's weakness is airborne enemies, and takes more damage if hit from behind! Though when hit from the front he resists alot of the damage


200pxJameson A powerful, tank like autonomous robo that has a bad habit of being used to fight mute protagonists for evil corporations. His arsenal and defense is amazing, yet he is severely slow and not very mobile. Like Rahu III, he is an illegal robot. Though he is also almost unobtainable in all the games he appears in.


200pxPerfect Zygarde Perfect Zygarde is a form of Zygarde that basically turns him into a buff beast. While Perfect Zygarde is a total monster with amazing strong attacks, his moves are like pokemon attacks, so you have to wait a second to use his specials again. If he is low on health he will turn into Zygarde Core, leaving him vulnerable.

Ultra Rare

200pxPluto Well, HERE's the planet. It still believes it is a planet, so don't hurt its feelings. Pluto can launch icy asteroids at people or roll around the stage. Even as a dwarf planet, Pluto seems to be a bit slow, though he is actually really strong.

Ultra Rare

200pxButt Butt Shovel Kn- I mean Butt Butt! All of Butt Butt's attacks involve butts, and only butts. Explosive butts, fire butts, butt butts. Virtually any butt! Even maybe virtual butts! Who needs fists and shovels when you have an armored butt? Butt Butt, thats for sure!

Ultra Rare

Actual Rachten
Rachel and Unten, fused together. The ship might have not worked out, but this has! hopefully... This duo is pretty strong, but are a bit less stable then Actual Voltdozz is, so they can actually split into two characters. Don't worry, they can still fight as a duo! They just aren't as strong..

Ultra Rare

Borgledjor the DestroyerBorgledjor Borgledjor is said to be one of the Cryoverse's God's dragon, and this seems to be no lie. He can whack people with his massive wings or slap them with his long tail. His bites are venomous, aswell.

Ultra Rare

200pxThe Tarr The Tarr is a being that is formed from slimes, and knows nothing but eat, and kill. With a special attack he can devour assist trophies, food items, assist characters, and the list can go on. When not hit, he will grow bigger and bigger until he is hit. Though, when he is hit when he s grown, black Tarr will fly around, creating mini Tarrs that can attack people.

Did I mention he eats stuff?

Ultra Rare


Fat Pikachu

Oh! It's Pika- OH MY GOD! BURN IT! Fat Pikachu is about as slow as Pluto, and usually just throws himself onto the ground to attack. He also rolls, so thats nice. His demented pikachu screams stun people, aswell. Surprisingly, Fat Pikachu is very high on the official tier list.


Ultra Rare

Smile the Friendly Portal
Oh god, what did they do to Smile?! Smile now has a portal in his chest which causes him to be pretty fat, though he can shoot out other smiles at people, so that's good, I guess. He can pretty much projectile vomit little Smiles from his chest whenever he wants now.


Oryx is a literal god, that owns his own realm, which he puts adventurers into to torture. He has a massive sword, but is rather slow, so he mostly uses minions to his advantage, which get stronger as they attack things.


Rahu III

Rahu III was the most powerful form of the automotus robo Rahu and the strongest illegal robo available in Custom Robo on the Gamecube,he has extremely high defense(taking only 20% of attack's full damage)but is extremely slow on the ground,he can move quickly in short bursts when dashing in the air,he can air dash twice before having to land.


200pxGeorge Lucas The creator (and almost destroyer) of Star Wars, who seems to love CGI. He also uses a strobe lightsaber and has a bunch of burning Star Wars movies in his pocket. He also has 'amazing' CGI sith lightning that he can conduct from his hands.



Kool-Aid Man




Buff Riku

Buff Riku is a strong but slow character.flex




The Heir of Chaos. Her attacks revolve around chance,with chances to score insanely high damage or backfire.




A coin has escaped the slot machine to kick some ass.


Assist Characters

Character Description
Scott Cawthon When summoned, Scott Cawthon's profile picture will spring to life, holding two milk bottles as he runs around, throwing them at players. Milk bottles will explode on contact, leaving a slippery area wherever it hits. Before he dissapears, he will launch a '4th Wall' out that can send players flying
Pit Droid They literally run around and do nothing, and randomly run off of the stage. So they're pretty useless.
Gabe Newell Gabe Newell will run to an enemy, and begin to throw holiday sales at them, causing them to lose all of their cards and drop credits everywhere. Rarely he will 'Delay Half Life 3', causing a massive explosion.

Muffin Shop

Shopkeeper Muffin is a nomadic shopkeeper that pops up every once and awhile to sell you items, some that you can only find from him.

Items TBA


Babies are items that can be bought, found, or even traded. Each character has 2 baby slots, so only two can be equipped at a time. Babies give some perk or special trait, and some are better then others. Babies are only usable in Main Game, though.

Baby Description


Regular Baby

Regular Baby will strengthen your strength and defense slightly

150pxPsychic Baby Gives ranged shots a 25% chance to home in onto enemies, aswell as a 10% chance of confusion on enemies
150pxWisp Baby Summons a Wisp Baby at the start of a battle that casts an elemental spell every few seconds or so.

Rival System

Rivals in the game don't do much, but can be found in overworld and challenged. If Rivals are beaten then extra money (and exclusive items sometimes) will be rewarded.

Rivals Rivals
75px 75px Retropac 75px
Ah, Mario and Luigi, the brotherly rivalry. Luigi finally wants to break out of his bro's shadow, I see. Two pixel perfect rivals shall duel it to the death until they are only dead pixels.
75px Jarjarcasino PinkSlime 75px
Two Star Wars aliens, one a furry behemoth, and the other an annoying... thing. Who's the better one, though? One, a cute little creature, and the oher is a beast that will destroy anything in its way. What will win, good or evil?
LazyTubbs 75px 75px 75px
Two fat little things, though who can prove themselves to be the better fat one? Two ships that have been fused together, which ship will prevail? The once-working one or the never-working one?
75px 75px 75px 75px
Both real life guys, and both generally a meme. Though, which can meme the best? Or atleast win a fight? Two smash candidates, Bayonetta might have won the Smash Ballot, but who will beat who in this game?
75px 75px 75px Borgledjor the Destroyer
Both Plutos. period. A god, and a god's pet. Who will devour who? Who will rule over who? Let's find out.
75px 75px 75px 75px
Both 'clones' of a specific character, one made of bones, while the other is a metal machine. What will prevail? Cookies and Kool-Aid don't go together well.
75px MasterChef 75px 75px
Armored machines, dueling it out. One a heartless beast, and one a trained Spartan warrior. Two racers, from two rivalling consoles. Who is the better Kart Racer?
75px 75px TadStrange Iambread
One has a portal IN his chest, while the other shoots portals from a gun. The portaler or the portalee? But, Tad loves wheat! Why is the bread his rival?! Tad, what did you do to the bread?!
75px 75px 75px 75px

A floating killer robot rivalry that can only end in one of them vicously murdering each other, the circle of robots.

Both two yarn characters, which can prove to be the one who doesn't unravel in the end, though?
75px 75px 75px 75px

A necromancer and a zombie, and the necromancer is literally the creator of this zombie, though in the past zombies have proved to not listen to orders usually, and this is another instance

Two armored brutes, both slow but strong, who will win in the fight of juggernauts?
Kungfuman Suavedude
Kung Fu Man wants revenge on Suave Dude for kidnapping his girlfriend, so he brings the fight to the best place to fight. A Casino.

Note: ??? chars will have another ??? char as a rival, though it is randomized which ??? it will be.

Tier List

Find the Tier List here!


Find Enemies Here!


The Soundtrack can be purchased on iTunes and several other places, but also comes with the V2 game. Special thanks to AgentMuffin for some of the music. More will be added soon.

Music Description
Casino Hub A laid back tune that plays whenever you are in the Casino area. Can also be heard slightly during the Secret Boss Battle.
Dungeon Tune A tune that plays whenever you are in the dungeon overworld. Plays in every single Dungeon Overworld except Ascension Overworld places.
Fight! A tune that plays when a character is being fought. A 'remixed' version is played for most boss battles
Boss Fight! A remixed version of Fight! that plays during boss battles
Grandmapocalypse Begins Plays when Grandmas are being fought during the Grandmapocalypse. Once the Grandmapocalypse has been defeated, this can be selected to play ANY time a grandma is being fought.
Egyptian Breakdown Plays during the Final Boss fight, and gets 'trippier' as the final boss goes through his phases. Once the Final Boss is defeated, this can be selected to play any time a boss is fought.
SML Goodbye A slower version of the Super Mario Land theme, played during the credits.

Special Thanks

  • Special thanks to CrunchTime420, for co-creating this with me
  • Special thanks to Randomfrog for the arts of Actual Voltdozz and Actual Rachten.
  • Special thanks to AgentMuffin for the sweet music he made for this game, aswell as allowing me to use Fat Pikachu.


  • The creator has said that he mains Cookie Clicker, and will fight anyone who calls Cookie Clicker a bad character.


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