Cartoon Crisis is a Cartoon Network mini series that is based off a rumor that Rebecca Sugar wants to cross over all the current shows and put them in a Crisis on Infinite Earths style event. It is 12 episodes long.

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01 1 Aye Aye Steven and the Crystal Gems see pirates coming towards Beach City, with the crew consisting of Captain K'nuckles and Flapjake. Captain K'nuckles finds disappointment that he just found a bunch of living rocks, however they find a bunch of strange creatures known as The Outerheads tearing apart Beach City, causing strange, realistic hands to come out of the cracks. The gems attempt to fight these hands off but they find they don't even harm them. Steven and the Crystal Gems head with Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles to find themselves against Stickbeard from the Kids Next Door series and during the battle crash on Camp Wawanakwa, where Captain K'nuckles eats all the marshmellows, unaware of their purpose. The episode ends with the group preparing to battle Chris and his contestants while Steven attempts to get them to stop fighting.

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