Location(s) Card Maze
HP 60(Each section)
Attack 5(Each section)
Defense 0
Moves Heart section:

Card Throw(5) Heal(Heals itself by 24 HP) Spade section: Card Throw(5) Spade Attack(10) Diamond Section: Card Throw(5) Diamond Boost(Increases defense by 16 for a turn) Clubs section: Card Throw(5) Club Attack(5, both)

Portrait Description After having a healthy dose of Whathing, the Card Squad morphed into the giant Cardmak, each type using their strengths against the heroines.

Cardmak is a boss in Through the Rabbit Hole. The evil Card Squad got to the Whathing before Celia and Penelope, and used it to turn into a giant stacked beast of a foe. Cardmak's special four sections get to attack, becoming an annoyance once they start using their special abilities to confuse the player and frusterate them. However, since they are technically seperate enemies, Vine Quake, learned after getting the first Whathing, becomes incredibly useful. Defense boosting moves are also useful here, as each section attacks seperately, and have relatively low attack power. Using defense boosting or attack-weakening items partnered with Vine Quake is a fantastic strategy, and although it is technically possible to defeat Cardmak through normal means, it is very difficult and the first strategy is reccommended.

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