CATATONIA is a 2015 open-world third-person action adventure game developed by Unversed Entertainment for the Unversed Neon. Taking place in a defunct 1980's program known as The Free, the game follows various AI on their adventures in the virtual reality's harsh nature. Reception for the game has been (TBA). The music is a mix of punk rock songs from the 90s and 2000s, released under the name code_1.


Catatonia is a unique open-world game. The main goal of the game is to eliminate 8 bosses scattered across The Free known as White Hats and eventually destroy their leader, the program known as S.A.M.E. by completing various story missions. The missions consist of traveling(featuring parkour based platforming, climbing, and driving), battling(hand-to-hand Arkham Asylumn style, as well as ranged combat in the style of the Max Payne games), and puzzle solving. Players can collect and use various vehicles and weapons in the world, and in addition to the main game there is a variety of optional activities.

Players can visit their friendly program Maxy to take up various tasks that are updated weekly that test the player. In addition, there are also three popular sports that can be played. Trail Crash is a racer where players use their Trailpods while collecting power-ups. Dream Dive is a skydiving minigame where players must go through 10 golden rings in a time limit to win by shifting the wind's direction and using gravity changes and boosters. Lastly, Thundroball is a volleyball like game where players attack a bomb and volley it to the foe to get a point and they will volley it back. If it is dropped it'll explode, ending the game. These modes and dueling can be played with friends online or couch by contacting The Conductor program.

The game features a gigantic skill tree that is opened up as players collect XP from quests, adding combat and acrobatic skills as well as upgrading Health and Code String(Magic Points).













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