Boss breakdown
Boss Breakdown is a 2016 video game starring Valerie in an unorthodox title whereas she beats down characters from video games and sometimes outside of that of .snickedge (Talk)'s past, separated by tier, earning rewards as the protagonist takes down the bosses. Most of these bosses utilize the strategies from their respective games, but become weaker or stronger depending on their tier positioning. It was released as a downloadable title for The V².


Boss Breakdown takes place at a really tall hotel, Valerie starting at the bottom floor. For each floor of the hotel, there are eight boss rooms and a major boss room, each floor being refered to as a tier or sorts. Valerie must clear off the eight bosses before fighting off the major boss, and defeating the major boss opens up the next tier. This continues until the player reaches the top of the tower, where they fight Boss Breakdown's final battle.

Upon opening a boss door, players have to run along a small platforming section before encountering the boss. Once the boss appears, the player must fight them, taking down their health whilst keeping Valerie's health above zero. The player can use Ninja Stars to attack from afar, the Flare Stomp to distance themselves from foes, the Needle Storm to pierce through defenses, the Thunder Rotator to smash through enemies, and the Wall Jump to go up walls easier.

Once a boss is defeated, the door to the boss room will close and a light - one of eight - will shine around the major boss door. Once all eight lights are lit up, the player can access the major boss door. The major boss is, as the name may imply, very strong and poses a much larger threat to the player than the previous bosses. Upon its defeat, the player gets a key akin to the ones obtained by defeating castle bosses in Yoshi's Island, and they'll unlock the next tier up. From there, bosses only become stronger.

If Valerie loses all her health in any match, she kneels down and disappears, and the player gets a game over. A game over forces the player to restart from the beginning of the tier they're currently on, although if they have obtained a continue from defeating bosses quickly, they'll reset from the last boss they defeated in the tier, not losing any progress whatsoever.


Akin to Mario Remix: Boss Edition from Newgrounds, tiers are organized by Mario powerups, besides the final tier.


Boss Description

Crush from Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!! is now on a 2D plane, jumping around on the battlefield and landing on either a blue or orange plate.  If he lands on a blue plate, he'll send out blue shockwaves, and if on an orange plate, he'll send out scorching orange flames.  To hit Crush, you need to hit him with a shredding projectile.

On hard mode, Crush sends out more electric waves and flames at a time.

Drill Eggman

Drill Eggman descends from the ceiling, going into a tank with a drill at the front, speeding across the ground.  He'll move from one side of the screen to the other, and is often regarded as the easiest boss as he has no real attacks besides for his last ditch one; at his last bit of health, he'll fire his drill forward.

On hard mode, Eggman can fire out mini drills from his tank and jump.


This giant Gnawty jumps around the stage, attempting to slam into Valerie.  For every hit she does to the beast, it goes mad and jumps around faster and faster, which makes the battle harder.  It takes five hits to defeat Gnawty, but she must be careful to keep low and not jump around much.

On hard mode, he'll bounce up after each attack, making spikes fall from the ceiling.

Larry Koopa

Larry Koopa fights Valerie on a series of five, slowly moving pillars, firing a single blast of blue fire from his wand in an attempt to hit her.  Larry requires three hits to be defeated, each hit causing him to retreat into his shell and slam around the battlefield in an attempt to hit Valerie.

On hard mode, Larry has faster jumps and doesn't go as high, and can jump in shell.

Plant Man

Plant Man has a total of six health points, forming a Plant Shield and tossing it at Valerie whilst jumping around the room.  Contrary to his appearance in Mega Man 6, Plant Man can use his arm cannon and strike Valerie with it.  Valerie should stay where there is more room for her.

On hard mode, Plant Man is faster and fires two Plant Shields at a time.


A group of four rhino-like beasts sit on four platforms that rotate around a central point that spit slow fireballs at Valerie.  Their style remains like that of Super Mario World; after two Reznor are knocked off their platform, the ground begins to break, exposing lava below.  She'll need to get onto the Reznor platforms to continue the battle from there.

On hard mode, the fireballs are bigger and go faster.


Torizo starts at one side of the stage and marches towards Valerie, slashing at her with its talons and breathing bombs out of its mouth.  As it takes more damage, its head comes off and its body weakens.  It requires many hits to be defeated, but is slow enough to make for a really easy battle.

On hard mode, it'll take advantage of Valerie's weapons and toss them back.

Whispy Woods

Whispy Woods is fixed to be on the very right side of the stage, being stationary and blowing puffs of wind at Valerie.  From his branches, he'll drop apples and gordos in an attempt to damage Valerie.  Valerie doesn't need to do much other than hit his trunk to cause damage.

On hard mode, he'll drop mostly poisonous apples and snare her with roots.

Silver Sonic

Silver Sonic will descend from the right side of the ceiling and get on the ground, going into a ball and spindashing across the ground.  Silver Sonic can dash, fire spikes from his body, and utilize the homing attack to hit Valerie hard.  As it takes damage, players can notice it somewhat short-circuiting.

On hard mode, it will be able to cause rains of silvery spikes.


Boss Description

Dracula teleports around the battlefield, tossing fire from his cape and a black ball of energy from his other side, going around the battlefield.  He can duplicate and distract the player with a clone that can be damaged but has no real effect if it's stepped on.  As he takes damage, he'll teleport more often.

On hard mode, his projectiles go faster.


Gulp, like Crush, is now on a 2D plane, jumping on the battlefield and firing electrical spheres of energy and attempting to crush Valerie with his feet.  You need to reflect his low priority projectiles back at him to cause damage, and avoid the shockwaves formed from his feet as he jumps at lower health.

On hard mode, Gulp can eat Valerie for an OHKO if she comes too close.

Heavy Lobster

Heavy Lobster descends from the ceiling and goes around, firing fire from its arms, tossing out mini lobsters to damage Valerie, or boosting straight into her.  To damage it, you need to hit it with any attack, or toss its lobsters back to cause direct and easy damage.

On hard mode, Heavy Lobster is faster and tosses out more fire at a time.

Jet Drill Pod

Jet Drill Pod is Eggman's Marble Garden Machine, flying in the air and attempting to slam his drill into Valerie, going away if he misses.  He can go into the background and toss maces on chains at Valerie, which she must avoid.  When Eggman attempts hitting her directly, that would be the time to strike.

On hard mode, Eggman is faster and fires rockets at her.


Knuckles is an opponent with low stamina, starting on one side of the arena and either spindashing or gliding to the other area.  Knuckles should be hit when gliding, for he can block attacks on the ground.  He has other attacks, including being able to toss boulders or cause explosive punches.

On hard mode, Knuckles tosses multiple rocks and can drill into Valerie.

Salvo the Slime

Salvo the Slime is harmless to touch, but as Valerie damages it, it splits into several smaller slimes that hurt on contact.  These should be defeated or tossed back at Salvo the Slime to turn it smaller and therefore damage it more.  Once Salvo the Slime is shrunk enough, it explodes and disappears.

On hard mode, Salvo the Slime is larger and has more health.


Shrek is really heavy and has powerful jumps that damage Valerie a lot if she comes in contact with him.  He can fire ogre breath to daze Valerie just long enough for him to smash into her.  He can fart to burst into the air, and toss down sludge from above that she must carefully avoid.

On hard mode, Shrek is faster and tosses larger sludge, and has more health.


Yakuza is a spider that crawls around on the background wall, spitting flames at Valerie and grabbing her to suplex her if she wanders too close.  On half health, his head will split away and he'll spit gunk out at her in a last ditch attempt to defeat her.  To damage, Valerie needs to hit his mouth with projectiles.

On hard mode, Yakuza moves even faster and spits out five flames at a time.

Petey Piranha

Petey Piranha can slap gunk around the battlefield, make it difficult for Valerie to not lose traction, and can fly up and launch into her like he was a cannonball.  He can also eat her up and turn her instantly into gunk as an OHKO.  To defeat Petey, Valerie needs to smash against his stomach hard.

On hard mode, Petey Piranha will fly around faster and attempt eating her more.


Boss Description

Birdo starts on the right side of the arena and spits out eggs, jumping around to avoid Valerie's attacks.  If hit, she'll retaliate with fire, and the battle continues until Birdo is hit five times.  She'll then rise back up at Mecha Birdo, which is much larger and harder to avoid.  Hit its head and reflect its eggs back at it to cause high damage.

On hard mode, it is generally faster and always spits fire instead of eggs.

Cloud Man

Cloud Man charges up electricity and attempts to aim it at Valerie, flying around the room in an attempt to hit her with his Thunder Bolt.  When that fails, he attempts to shove Valerie into a bottomless pit or towards him to cause damage.  Sometimes, he'll get at Valerie's level and attempt to toss a jolt of electricity.

On hard mode, he has more health and his wind is much more intense.


Frank from Earthbound??  Frank goes quickly around the stage, attempting to brandish Valerie with his knives, but she can dodge if she's quick.  He can also get his robot to punch Valerie and tear into her, and sometimes get on the robot so that Valerie has a hard time damaging him.

On hard mode, Frank brandishes more knives and can toss them in arcs.

King Dedede

King Dedede comes in from the right side of the screen and floats around, puffing up with air and stomping around on his feet.  King Dedede can swing gordos around with his hammer, or swing the hammer into Valerie.  He can also attempt to inhale her and toss her out towards a wall to damage her.

On hard mode, his hammer has a fiery effect and his stomps happen faster.


Kraid slowly moves around his Brinstar arena, attempting to thrust spiked platforms towards Valerie and making the ceiling rain spikes that hurt her hard on contact.  Kraid cannot take damage normally, his head needs to be hit and then weapons need to be fired towards his mouth to damage him.

On hard mode, Kraid is larger and has more health, and his head takes more to open.

Metal Mario

Metal Mario is notably slow, but deals a lot of damage on contact and can really end the game quick.  Valerie can't damage him for real, but she needs to push him off the stage.  Metal Mario can use a fireball to damage from away, a cape to swing away projectiles, the Super Jump Punch to launch her away, or the Tornado Spin to multi-hit her.

On hard mode, Metal Mario deals twice the damage and is twice as fast.


Shadow the Hedgehog and Valerie run side-by-side on a long, highway platform, moving away from falling platforms.  Valerie needs to hit Shadow six times, and if Shadow is too far behind, he'll teleport in front of her.  If Valerie is far behind, Shadow will use his Chaos Spear, which is the time for her to hit him.

On hard mode, Shadow has more health, and his Chaos Spear execution is quicker.


Spike from Spyro the Dragon fires a bunch of electric shots towards Valerie, attempting to shock her and end her life, jumping around the battlefield and also firing giant magma balls at her.  Sgt. Byrd flies around and drops crystals, which you need to collect and toss back at Spike, damaging him.  He can pick these up too for a flamethrower...

On hard mode, Spike's attacks are faster and deal way more damage.

Master Hand

Master Hand descends from the ceiling and approaches Valerie, acting very similarly to how he did in Super Smash Bros. 4.  As Master Hand takes damage, he'll begin moving more erratically and attempt to shove the player off the stage.  Defeating Master Hand allows Valerie to move on to the other tiers.

On hard mode, Crazy Hand joins Master Hand and uses new attacks with him.


Boss Description
Chaos 4

Chaos 4 hangs on the sides of the battlefield, tossing its liquid arms towards Valerie in an attempt to hit her, occasionally splitting into four giant bouncing balls and making it difficult for her to avoid him.  After a bit, Chaos 4 sometimes brings his head out of the water, where Valerie can hit him before he goes back in.

On hard mode, Chaos 4 is faster and can leap out of the water in a shark shape.

Fire Man

Fire Man jumps from one end of the stage to the other, firing fire out from his cannon and tossing it at the wall to split it and light the whole arena on fire momentarily.  He can also breathe fire as bullets straight towards Valerie to try and catch her off guard.  After several hits, he goes down and explodes.

On hard mode, Fire Man tosses more fire at a time.


Kraken from Earthbound moves quickly around the battlefield, causing lightning that must be avoided quickly, and breathes intense fire that can set the ground on fire.  It can also go into a massive rampage and topple over elements on the battlefield, damaging Valerie if they come in contact with her.

On hard mode, Kraken can go into the sky and come down in an effort to bomb her.


Metagross moves slowly along the ground, stomping the ground to make OHKO earthquakes that need to be jumped over.  When Valerie's close, it'll attempt to use Meteor Mash on her, and from afar, it'll use Psychic.  To damage Metagross, Valerie needs to disable its arms with attacks and attack the head.

On hard mode, it can actually jump around, making for a tougher fight.


Phantoon teleports around the stage, dropping fire from its mouth and causing spiritual flames to bounce around the battlefield, all of them being projectiles that harm Valerie on contact.  It's mostly transparent, but sometimes it turns solid, and Valerie can damage its eye to cause large damage.

On hard mode, it flies around instead of just teleporting place to place

Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald goes around the battlefield, tossing burning burgers at Valerie and making laughs that can push Valerie into a sea of boiling grease where she can die in.  Valerie must reflect his burgers back at him as he is invincible to all her other attacks.  By taking enough damage, Ronald melts down.

On hard mode, Ronald can fire arrays of burgers instead of one at a time.


Scotch from Year of the Dragon flies around the arena, breathing out eggs that hatch and create enemies that try to take care of Valerie for Scorch.  Scorch can fold his wings and spread out explosions that deal high damage on contact.  Valerie needs to shoot at him when his wings aren't folded to cause damage.

On hard mode, Scorch can stomp the ground to cause sudden earthquakes.


Smilax from Super Mario RPG??  Smilax breathes fire, can try to snap at Valerie, and as it takes damage, it grows more heads, which increase its range and ammo.  If the big head attacks Valerie, she takes massive damage, but the smaller heads don't cause as much.

On hard mode, Smilax grows six heads in comparison to three.

Sir F-Fuzzy Logik

This odd foe from Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine makes beans bounce all over the battlefield, attempting to slam them down into Valerie.  While the beans don't cause damage, they can stick her to the ground or bounce her around straight into Logik's trident.  He can charge headfirst to also do severe damage to Valerie.

On hard mode, he can make beans go down much faster when at critical health.

Cat Suit

Boss Description

AiAi rolls around the battlefield, attempting to slam into Valerie to knock her off the stage, tilting the current platform so she has a greater chance of not coming back.  AiAi must be hit with strong enough attacks to be knocked off the battlefield, and as he takes hits from Valerie, the chances of such are stronger.

On hard mode, AiAi moves faster and can utilize a boxing glove.

Dyna Blade

Dyna Blade flies around the battlefield, attempting to take Valerie in her claws and crush her, and can fire gusts of wing, swing her head at her, and stomp on the ground to create shockwaves.  Valerie must hit the head to cause damage, but she must be wary of her speed; she can attack pretty fast.

On hard mode, Dyna Blade can go into the background and zip at her.

Egg Albatross

Egg Albatross is running from Valerie, so she must catch up to it.  The bottom deck has Egg Pawns firing ammo at her, she must attack the ship's base, then attack the blimp, in the meanwhile avoiding the cannons aiming towards him.  Once she breaks through the two decks, Eggman gets away on a weak hawk-like vehicle.

On hard mode, the Egg Albatross does a better job homing and has more ammo.


Garchomp stays on the right side of the battlefield, using flamethrower, earthquake, dragon rush, and a strong wing attack to launch Valerie away.  If she comes too close, the dragon will go forward and use a powerful Crunch attack that deals OHKO damage if it lands on her.  She must utilize icy-versions of her own moves.

On hard mode, Garchomp can mega evolve and use outrage as well.

Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic goes on a long, electric road, going backwards so he's facing Valerie.  He can fire lasers from his chest, use the Black Shield to deflect projectiles and avoid damage, and also use a hyperdrive attack so he can skewer into Valerie and cause major damage.  To damage him, Valerie should hit him after he attacks.

On hard mode, there is a lower frame of attack opportunity.

Shade Man

Shade Man roams around the battlefield, swooping around to pick up Valerie and drain her of health, and also use the Noise Crush to hit Valerie, becoming stronger if it misses and hits a wall, reflecting back.  He can also fire normal shots from his arm cannon to try and take Valerie off guard.

On hard mode, Shade Man has twice the health and stronger bites.

The Sorceress

The Sorceress, the final boss from Spyro: Year of the Dragon roams slowly around the battlefield, casting magic so Valerie can't hit her, and fires electric bombs, homing flames, and shockwaves using her scepter.  To damage her, Valerie must wait patiently for Agent 9 to drop bombs, which she must toss at the witch.

On hard mode, the Sorceress has stronger moves and goes faster.


Vlad Plasmius from Danny Phantom appears as a surprise boss, teleporting around the arena and displaying a Ghost Ray, a strong Ghost Shield, and create solid objects with his ectoplasmic energy and hurl them at Valerie.  Valerie must wait for an opening, and rebound the rebounded back at Vlad to hit him.

On hard mode, he also displays a tornado, a stinger, and can sometimes block.

Naval Piranha

This ferocious beast rises up from the waters below the stage, attempting to snap at Valerie.  This giant, mutated piranha plant can ram around the battlefield in an attempt to break her, and can toss little Nippers that can bite down on Valerie and slow her down.  It can also launch fireballs from its mouth.

On hard mode, Naval Piranha can swing and slash its vines at Valerie.


Boss Description

This weakling from Metroid II/Metroid Fusion has way faster rolls, being able to shred amongst the walls and ceiling and tear into Valerie.  Its size is enhanced slightly, standing above Valerie's height, and spreads out fireballs that create tall, fiery pillars on contact with any surface.  It can also lash out its arms to toss out waves of sonic energy, and it can stop itself in the midst of rolls, clinging to walls with one arm and both legs to toss waves at Valerie in any direction.  Arachnus can also spin around really fast, causing a gust that can drag Valerie in so it can bite down on her.

On hard mode, Arachnus' shell is invincible to projectiles.

Captain Falcon

The racer from F-Zero makes his entry as a surprise boss, being a quick fighter with his style from Super Smash Bros. Melee.  This means that Valerie needs to be careful and avoid getting hit by him, as he's extremely quick, the fastest from that game, and can finish her off with a meteor smash towards a bottomless pit or use the Knee on her to launch her off boundaries.  His tilt attacks, his smash attacks, and all his specials can chain into each other, and using the wrong buttons can even make Captain Falcon OHKO her.

On hard mode, Captain Falcon is at a "level 20" like stance.

Dr. Robotnik

Dr. Robotnik, you know, the AoSTH one, sits in a large egg shaped vehicle and gets Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts to attack for him.  While not too difficult on their own, they are a nightmare together; Scratch is really fast and tosses Valerie around, and drills his beak into her to do quick and reliable damage, Ground is slow but deals massive damage to Valerie with drills and other attacks, and Coconuts leaps around the battlefield, beating his hands on Valerie.  After they all explode from taking enough damage, Dr. Robotnik will come down and fire lasers at her, which she must simply avoid.

On hard mode, the trio of robots are faster and possess more projectiles.

Expert Floor 7

While not REALLY a boss, Expert Floor 7 is a challenge nonetheless.  Valerie must roll in a ball from the start of this REALLY thin floor and get to the end goal.  She must go across a narrow bridge, take a sharp turn upward a slope, go down a narrow staircase, go across a checkerboard with holes, and go across some of the most miserable curves in existence.  To make it even worse, the player only has sixty seconds to get to the goal, but unlike in Super Monkey Ball where this course originated, the player comes back to the stage from the last puzzle they cleared.  Players have ten lives to clear this stage.

On hard mode, the player restarts from the beginning when dying.

Hei Hou

Hei Hou, the Mushroom Hill Zone boss, returns to fight Valerie in the star tier.  Unlike its simple strategy from before, he flies much higher up and spins around with its axe, shielding itself from Valerie and projectiles.  When he comes to trees, he splits it into several parts and launches them all towards Valerie, requiring that she has precise jumps and timing to avoid all of them.  It can take off its head and launch it at Valerie, and toss its axe at her in an attempt to damage her as it catches its own head.  While the axe is off its hands, Valerie must strike.

On hard mode, Hei Ho's tree chops are faster and its axe range is longer.


Lucina from Fire Emblem, donning her Marth outfit, is quite the strong boss.  She fights similarly to her Super Smash Bros. counterpart, sporting the Shield Breaker, the Dancing Blade, etc., but her moves in general are executed much faster, her blade covers more distance and her shield breaker does OHKO on full charge.  Additionally to these enhanced moves, she has two mages at her side from Arena Ferox, that can cast fire and electric magic on Valerie, which must be avoided.  The mages should be defeated before really taking on Lucina.

On hard mode, Lucina's shield breaker always OHKOs and her counter is used more.

Rawk Hawk

Rawk Hawk returns with his aerial game, but is much more aggressive, his jumping flips and his flying elbow attack are executed way faster and his ground game is expanded, with very quick slide kicks and cartwheels that grant him momentary invincibility from Valerie's moves.  He can bring the rail down from the ceiling and shake it really hard, causing weights to fall towards Valerie.  As Rawk Hawk is almost always moving, there's never a moment where Valerie can hit him on ground, and the only way to damage him is to hit him immediately as he misses with an aerial move.

On hard mode, Rawk Hawk has even faster execution and leaves attack afterimages.

Waddle Dee

The revenge of the weak and pathetic Waddle Dee from Kirby Super Star (& Ultra), he comes back with an absolute vengeance.  For starters, his stamina has greatly increased, and it jumps around quick enough for Valerie to require precise timing to hit it.  The Waddle Dee can utilize a parasol for range and interrupt his own jumps to float around, use a spear to jab Valerie from the longest distance away, and launch gordos at her using a hammer in King Dedede's image.  It can also suplex her to deal high damage on her, and also get other Waddle Dees to sabotage and kill her.

On hard mode, Waddle Dee's attacks do more damage and it can fire lasers.

Marx retains his abilities from Kirby Super Star, but has become much stronger, sporting faster attacks, little to no predictability, and has a wider range of attacks and his multi-hit attacks have much more projectiles or objects involved.  His crescent blades are now fired twice, and come in groups of six that bounce around the battlefield, and he drops twelve seeds that sprout at the same time, only giving Valerie one safe spot to hide.  He can also stream arrows that go all the way across the screen, and his laser needs to be halted as it's unavoidable otherwise.  He can also go up from the ground and strike Valerie hard with his wings really quickly if she's not careful, and his black hole attack follows Valerie around, attempting to suck her in.

On hard mode, Marx also regains his Marx Soul moves, being able to toss harmful paint everywhere and fire two giant orbs of energy that cannot be guarded against and must be avoided.

Mega Mushroom

Boss Description
Dr. Bad Boon

The villainous monkey from Super Monkey Ball 2 roams around the area with his jetpack, tossing toxic bananas at Valerie and blowing up the platforms on occasion.  He can fill the arena with steam to prevent her from seeing some things happen, which is when she needs to be on the sides of the battlefield to avoid getting hit accidentally with an explosion, but the sides of the battlefield pop up spikes every now and then to catch her off guard, so the player must choose when the time is ripe to move.  Dr. Bad Boon sometimes descends to shoot at Valerie with a rocket launcher, and that's the time for her to hit him!

On hard mode, Dr. Bad Boon can also freeze up the room to make gameplay slippery.

Egg Viper

This strong Eggman mech flies around the battlefield, firing lasers at Valerie and sprouting explosives that cover a large distance.  It can smash through platforms to knock her off, and destroy more as the battle goes on.  To hit Eggman, the Egg Viper will appear on either side of the battlefield and hold out its tail as it begins to fire a large laser.  Valerie needs to jump across the tail and hit the cockpit, or get blasted with an OHKO laser.  It can also fire off the discs on its sides to hurt her, and they go at fast speeds, so they can hit easily.  At the end, Valerie needs to avoid the Egg Viper as it uses its last attack on destroying the platforms, requiring her to jump to a safe place.

On hard mode, the Egg Viper goes faster and tosses several lasers at once.

Galacta Knight

The strongest warrior in the galaxy (Kirby-wise) descends from the air, slashing its lance at Valerie and utilizing shockwave and laser attacks, blocking off projectiles with its shield.  It can summon foes from nowhere to do its bidding, form powerful, fiery tornados, and also become a whirling object of death and smash apart her health.  Galacta Knight also sports new abilities; such as faking out, using its shield as a quick boomerang, and forming supersonic waves with its lance and swinging them at Valerie to cause quick and reliable damage.  Galacta Knight has a strong defense, so players need to figure out how to break apart that shield.

On hard mode, Galacta Knight summons more enemies and deals more damage.

Hyper Sonic

Hyper Sonic is really strong and actually invincible, and flies at tremendous speeds around the battlefield, the player having to keep her out of the destructive path of the blinding hedgehog.  If he does a double jump, he'll create an explosive flash that requires PERFECT dodging to avoid, and he can also spindash and home in on her.  After twenty seconds of moving, he'll stop moving and turn back to normal Sonic, who will try and get onto the Master Emerald in the background.  This is the ONLY short Valerie has at attacking Sonic, or else he'll get on the Master Emerald again and turn back to Hyper Sonic, becoming invincible once more.

On hard mode, Hyper Sonic is hyper for a full half minute.

Minecraft Mob Army

An army of mobs from Minecraft; notably Creepers, Skeletons, and Zombies.  Creepers explode when Valerie gets close and run around in an attempt to hurt her bad, Skeletons stand from a distance and fire bows, and Zombies are slow and attempt to slash swords into the player.  Silverfish and Slime appear uncommonly in an effort to catch Valerie off guard.  There are a total of twenty Creepers, twenty Skeletons, fifteen Zombies, fifty Silverfish, and thirty Slime, and Valerie must defeat them all.

On hard mode, Valerie also gets a bonus fight with the Ender Dragon.


This Hoenn legendary spends most of its time in the air, flying and firing either Ice Beam, Flamethrower, or Hyper Beam to build up damage on Valerie.  It can use Outrage, Dragon Rage, or Dragon Claw to get onto the ground where Valerie can attack its head.  If it gets hit, it'll get back up into the air and begin using more attacks, like Twister and Hurricane, and when the battle is nearing its end, use Dragon Ascent to mega evolve and multiply its damage on Valerie by 2x.  Once mega evolved, it'll take a Life Orb into its hands and attack Valerie really, really harshly, and if she doesn't defeat the Pokémon on time, it will destroy the fighting platform.

On hard mode, Rayquaza starts out mega evolved.


Ripto from Ripto's Rage!! is finally back, and this time, he's a lot stronger.  Valerie cannot damage him normally, and while she waits for Silver to drop down orbs, she'll have to avoid Ripto's fire magic and his shockwave attacks.  When the orbs come, Ripto can take them and either fire large explosions, several shockwaves, or homing missiles.  Valerie can also pick up these orbs though, and they're the only way she can attack Ripto.  When Ripto has taken enough damage, he'll get into a machine based on Gulp and the battle is identical, except that Gulp can jump around and create REALLY large earthshocks.  When the mechanical Gulp is defeated, Valerie must fly in the skies on Silver's back and shoot Ripto out of the skies.

On hard mode, Ripto is also assisted by a mechanical Crush.


From Puyo Puyo!, Satan is a challenging opponent, utilizing his strong strategy from his final stage of Puyo Puyo 2, attempting to smash the player down with beans from the same game.  Not directly a boss; Valerie must climb the pillars of beans and reach him.  Satan does not have any real attacks himself, rather ironically, but can be smashed with attacks as he attempts to get himself higher on bean stacks.  Valerie must climb to the top and continue damaging him until he is defeated.

On hard mode, Satan is assisted by Dr. Robotnik, who fires lasers at her on occasion.

Ludwig von Koopa

Ludwig, perhaps one of the most inspirational characters of snicks' works in terms of his appearances on television and in the comic dubs of Nintendo Power and what not, appears as the master of the Mega Mushroom tier.  Ludwig has fast jumps, bouncing around the battlefield and firing magic at Valerie that can home in on her, or fireballs that go in arrays.  When he lands on the ground, he'll create a shockwave that freezes Valerie if she's on the ground, and he can also flutter jump to randomize his patterns.  When he takes a hit, he'll spin around in his shell and light himself on fire, attempting to slam into Valerie, going in the air and bumping into the walls and dropping Podoboos before landing back on the ground.  Ludwig takes eight hits to defeat.

On hard mode, Ludwig's jumps are much faster executed and more random.


Boss Description
Big Arm

This boss from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 begins by descending from the air, and goes around the stage in an attempt to take Valerie into its grip and slam her into the ground as an instant knockout.  It can also go below the stage and roam around, attemptin to pierce her with its spiked helmet.  It can also punch the ground to create massive, nearly unavoidable waves of shockwaves that go a small ways into the air in terms of range.  The Big Arm can also smash at the ground to make less footing, and fire a laser from its chest to toss Valerie off guard.  The Big Arm can even lengthen the size of its helmet to make even less of a target for Valerie to hit.

On hard mode, the Big Arm has an even bigger helmet and has longer arms.

Egg Emperor

This massive battle machine, operated by Neo Metal Sonic as Dr. Eggman, is constantly fleeing from Valerie, tossing out huge energy blades that attempt to hold her back.  The player must keep a good distance between herself and the emperor, but not too much, otherwise it will lunge at her in the form of an unavoidable charge, which can knock her off the stage.  As she fights the Egg Emperor, it will also fire homing missiles and get the cannons on the sidelines of the platform to fire ammo at her, which explodes on contact.  To make insult to injury, the weapon also has a shield, which must be broken first before damaging the main body.

On hard mode, the Egg Emperor requires an even safer distance.

Giga Baby Bowser

Giga Baby Bowser seems to just be in the background at first, but slowly begins progressing towards Valerie's platform, each step making her trip, and fires large fireballs and flamethrowers that must be dodged carefully.  The fireballs themselves need to be reflected back with a strong attack, damaging Baby Bowser.  Damaging him is important, as he will be knocked backwards - and if he makes it to the platform, he can crush it with his body.  He can also stomp the ground, making giant shy guys fall from the ceiling as well as the Toadies, the latter distracting Valerie by being extra enemies and the former being annoying obstacles.  As he takes damage, he'll summon meteors that make large holes in the ground...decreasing footing.

On hard mode, Giga Baby Bowser's movements are even faster.


Not really a boss, but Ike is still a tough opponent.  Ike is a bit sluggish, but has very strong attacks that quickly take chunks out of Valerie's health if they land.  He can charge up strikes to take her down to below half health, and his Eruption can fully KO her if at full charge.  His Quick Draw allows him to speed across the air and damage Valerie if he runs into her, his Aether is used to do multiple-hit damage to her, and he can also use a Counter shall Valerie not be careful, reflecting her attack power right back at her to cause huge damage, especially if Valerie attempted using a killing blow, which can outright OHKO her.

On hard mode, Ike can also use the Great Aether move to knock her far away.

Magolor Soul

This difficult Kirby boss has a wide array of attacks, able to summon black holes, shoot spikes at Valerie through portals, use giant laser beams, juggle enemies around, and toss fiery orbs.  He can also replicate the super abilities from his original fight, which must be avoided with absolute talent, or Valerie will take damage.  As the fight progresses, Magolor Soul can also flip the screen, create fiery pillars and toss bolts of electricity from all across the sky, and freeze Valerie in place if she isn't careful enough to avoid his cyan lights.  Magolor Soul, unlike the other bosses, can be hit at any time, but after being hit, he'll teleport away to preserve health.

On hard mode, Magolor Soul's attacks generally do more damage.


Top tier, HUGE dragon, Ridley will fly around the screen and screech out ugly cries as he spews out plasma fireballs, skewers Valerie with his tail, and rams into the walls to make debris fall on the woman.  He can also grab her and either crush her for huge damage, swing her into the wall for the same effects, screech to make lava rise up as pillars to trap her in a cycle of careful dodging, and ram onto the battlefield from the distance akin to Dyna Blade.  Ridley's only damageable part is his head, the rest of him is invincible.  After defeat, he resurrects and becomes Meta Ridley, which refills his health bar entirely and strengthens and quickens his already strong moves.

On hard mode, Ridley can do a screw-attack like move, tossing himself around.


This battle is much different from others, taking place in an almost open ended dimension that doesn't exactly have wall boundaries, and the evil Sinistar flies around the battlefield, attempting to take up Valerie into his mouth and smash her to pieces.  As he roams around, his helpers in the form of small ships are attempting to blast her apart too, and are very annoying obstacles as there's a great number of them and they're rather tightly packed into the stage.  To damage Sinistar, Valerie needs to denotate bombs set up around the stage, which MUST explode when Sinistar is passing by to damage the spacecraft.  This battle would be almost impossible thanks to Sinistar's large size, but the player can determine where he is via arrows and his speech, which activates when he's coming her way.

On hard mode, there are no arrows.


This incredible Stardroid has a wide arsenal of weapons, including giant beams that spread across the field in an attempt to whittle at her health, three orbs which raise up and explode even if Valerie doesn't touch them, and can toss out fire that catches onto her and deals continuous damage.  After 1/3 of his health is gone, he can then fire three blasts of energy from his arm cannon, bouncing sparks that require timing to be avoided, and jump from side to side in an effort to shove her out.  After another third of his health is gone, he will charge himself up and go into the air, coming back down as a meteor in an attempt to OHKO her, fire falling from the skies in an effort to smash her up.  Additionally, he can charge up a painful rain that is unavoidable, and it can only be interrupted by attacking him enough beforehand.

On hard mode, Sunstar's health is about doubled.


The final boss is always a surprise, isn't it?  Smithy from Super Mario RPG takes the role as the very final boss, slamming his giant metal hammer into Valerie, spinning around it and attacking in a great range, causing stars to fall down in meteor showers, firing waves of swords in an attempt to hit Valerie whilst she's airborne, and getting his shy guy minions to slash at her with swords as well so they can be distractions.  Smithy can also jump around the battlefield in an attempt to slam Valerie out of the air and into the ground, flattening her and OHKO'ing her.

After taking enough damage, Smithy yells and crashes the ground, taking Valerie into an unknown area and transforming his body to become much stronger, consisting of a powerful chest and a multi-form head.  If the head is a tank, it'll shoot various bullets towards Valerie (including an OHKO Magnum), if a mask, it'll become high on defense and heal itself, if a magic head, it'll toss around elemental attacks such as fire snakes and electric balls and also ice rain, and if a treasure head, it'll form temporary status aliments that slowly begin eating away at Valerie's health.

To damage Smithy in the first form, Valerie needs to hit his face square-on, and in the second form, she must damage his chest to immobilize him, then attack his usual head to cause large damage.  Damaging the chest also does a very small amount of damage to the head itself.

On hard mode, Smithy's attack execution is faster and he can summon up to four shy guy minions, and also jump around in his second form.


  • Despite the game's size, it was rushed in development, so it was built eerily similar to the flash game Mario Remix: Boss Edition.
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