Board Warriors is a game made by Randomfrog made for the PC. It combines elements of board games, umbrella games and the battle mode of an RPG. It is set to release in 2017.


Board Warriors is a game where you can customize your fighter, and use him/her to navigate through a board game like structure filled with items, gold and enemy encounters. The encounters, when activated, have you fighting a random amount of enemies in an RPG-like setting. The difficulty of the enemies depends on what difficulty setting you're on, Easy, Normal or Hard. Winning these battles gives you gold, while losing them ends the game. The items that you collect on the board can help you in the battles against your opponents. The goal of the overall game is to collect as much gold and win as many matches as possible.




Name Info

Goomba Board Warriors


Weak, stupid minions. They really aren't much of a threat in battles.

Pawn Board Warriors


A chess piece? Yea, great, sure. The pawn is only a little stronger than the Goomba, as it has 20 health.

Egg Board Warriors



Inkling Board Warriors


Woah, why are the Inklings here? They aren't villains! I guess they're just competitive. Inklings are somewhat difficult to beat, at least in comparison to Goomba, Pawn and Egg.

Wilkins Board Warriors


This guy is absolutely insane. He'll maim, assault, and torment you if you don't drink Wilkins Coffee. He attacks with the various things he's beat Wontkins with for not drinking his dang coffee brand.

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