Bluke snick ghost effect
Current Age 9
Date of Birth Nov. 24
Gender Male
Species Ghost
Location Ghost Town
First Appearance Heztics

Bluke is a minor protagonist in Heztics, assisting Ghasja in his travels as a lost child born with cryokinesis, him being able to control ice at will. He is courageous and seeks down evil ghosts to put them at full rest, and also attempts to seek down the ghostly outlaw, Skarr.



Bluke appears in this game as the first character that has to be recruited by Ghasja and Revensko. He was separated from his parents after Skarr double killed them, and he was rescued just in time by Revensko, who made Skarr flee before she hit him with her powers. He now travels alongside the two, thinking of them as foster parents, now wanting to kill Skarr for killing his only family.


Bluke is an ice elemental. He can control ice at will. ...Seriously though, he can use ice to freeze his opponents and freeze the ground for others to slip across, making him kinda come across as a valuable prankster.


Bluke is rather courageous and nice, but really likes pulling pranks on people and giving them light insults, but in the end, he can be summed up as a good hearted kid.

Relationships with Other Characters






  • Bluke originally belonged to IndigoFusionbolt.
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