yee haw
Blart blart doughnut man
Blart blart doughnut man
Blart blart
Full Name blart blart
Location new york
Align cowboy
Current Status fat
Ability/ies fast eater, disrespect
Vulnerable To excersise, comedy
Nationality us and a
Ethnicity white
Height average
Weight heavy

Blart blart doughnut man is a classic american cartoons about blart blart, your average american who of course loves doughnuts. Blart Blart is in a shared cinematic universe with official oriental animation Amatsuchi, as confirmed by Amatsuchi writer and Japanese culture expert, .vectorDestiny (Talk).


Season One: blart blart

Season one was poorly recieved by critic parents because they thought Blart Blart was too skinny and was giving their daughters unrealistic expectations.

Season Two: returning blart blart

Season two was again slammed by critics for featuring a scene where Blart Blart was seen with a gun. Protestors complained that he only possessed one gun, which was very cowardly of Blart Blart, as real men carry many guns.

Season Three: blart blart i no using google translate, swear me

Season three was pretty good mate.


He's fat, innit.


Likes doughnuts because hes american. Wants to grow up a cowboy but is too big for his dreams.


Racism to foreigners.




  • He's fat.

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