First appearance: UmbrellaCalibur

Bill Nye is a starting character in UmbrellaCalibur. At first, the science guy may seem like a bad character due to his underwhelming stats, but his variety of boosts and attacks makes him a decent choice in battle.


  • Lab Coat: Bill Nye's default weapon. It's kind of fast and kind of powerful.
  • Not That Bad Records Disc: A disc featuring some ridiculous parody. It's fast, but not strong.
  • Hammer...Of Science!: A hammer that teaches various lessons. It's slow but strong and randomly teaches "lessons" that do something to the player or the foe.
  • Bill Nye's Umbrella Edge: A glowing green sword(of science!) surrounded by an atom. It's fast and strong.


  • Speed Potion: Boosts Bill Nye's speed temporarily.
  • Attack Potion: Boosts Bill Nye's power temporarily.
  • Jump Potion: Boosts Bill Nye's jump temporarily.

Other Moves

  • Stage Entrance: The foe looks at what appears to be a small ant through a magnifying glass, until it grows into Bill Nye, who does a thumbs-up to the foe.
  • Taunt #1: Bill Nye records something in his journal.
  • Taunt #2: Bill Nye listens to an instrumental version of the show's intro.
  • Taunt #3: Bill examines the foe with a magnifying glass.

Umbrella Smash

  • Science is Fun!: Bill Nye combines two potions, one red, and one blue, creating an explosion that is stage wide.

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