First appearance: UmbrellaCalibur

Big Barda is a starter character in UmbrellaCalibur. When paired up against fast characters, Barda is abysmal because of her awful speed, but when fighting characters with medium to low speed she is incredibly powerful due to her high attack power. Overall, Barda's abysmal speed outweighs her power, leaving her as a less popular character to play as.


  • Mega Rod: Barda's default weapon. It is slow, but does decent damage.
  • Power Club: The most powerful weapon in the game, and the slowest weapon in the game, and can be dangerous, but only if the foe is slowed down or stunned.
  • Aero-Disc: Barda's fastest weapon and her weakest weapon. It has average speed and does average damage.
  • Big Barda's Umbrella Edge: A golden staff surrouned by three spiked rings. It's slightly slow but does high damage.


  • Lift: Barda picks up the foe and tosses them away.
  • Concussive Bolt: Temporarily stuns the foe.
  • Mother Box: Barda teleports to any location on stage.

Other Moves

  • Stage Entrance: Using a Mother Box, Barda teleports on-stage.
  • Taunt #1: Big Barda grunts at the enemy while thrusting her weapon forward.
  • Taunt #2: Mister Miracle appears and kisses Barda.
  • Taunt #3: Big Barda teleports away and then teleports back, eating a Hot Dog.

Umbrella Smash

  • Apokoliptan Battle Armor: Barda becomes invincible and her attack is doubled.

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