Beyond Illusion is a fighting game for the 3DS. It uses the same gameplay with the Super Smash bros series, but the two games do not share characters.


The gameplay is similar to Super Smash Bros, where players use special attacks to knock each other off the stage. It utilizes damage percentages: the higher your percentage is, the farther you fly when hit. There is an alternative mode where players can fight in teams of two, as well as a story mode based around platforming.


Not much is known about the game's story, except that it involves heroes and villains fighting for supremacy in the birth of a new multiverse.

Starting Characters

Image Character Series Description
Mario Time!!! Mario Super Mario Bros. A happy-go-lucky Italian plumber who uses fireballs and a hammer to fight. After the creation of the Multiverse, Mario resumed his role as Princess Peach's royal guard.

Wreck it ralph sonic render edit by phrozen123-d5i7gml

Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog A cocky yet heroic hedgehog who mostly fights with speedy maneuvers. After the creation of the Multiverse, Sonic's main concern was helping around and getting things started in the new world.
Sayaka Miki Sayaka Miki Madoka Magica A magical girl who has a tomboyish happy exterior to hide her depressed outlook on life. She uses water magic to fight.
Captain Toad Captain Toad Super Mario Bros A brave little toad, Captain toad cannot jump and uses mining tools to fight. Also, his movement triggers Indiana Jones-style hazards that can deal damage to foes, such as a falling boulder.
Fionna and Cake Fionna and Cake Adventure Time Originally a figment of the Ice King's imagination, Fionna and Cake were brought to life during the creation of the multiverse. The player controls Fionna, who fights with her sword, while Cake assists Fionna using her stretchy limbs.
YoshiSSBI Yoshi Super Mario Bros A friendly green dinosaur who can throw eggs or eat opponents. Yoshi spends most of his time trying to prevent his species from becoming extinct.
Scorpion Scorpion Mortal Kombat A deadly warrior who wields two swords and his trademark "GET OVER HERE" spear thingy. Scorpion travels this new world fighting new opponents in a search to kill his arch-enemy: Sub Zero.
BlakeRender Blake Belladona RWBY A lone Faunus girl who utilizes a whip-sword weapon, Blake is a stealthy character using mostly stealth attacks.

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