First appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project
Bernice don't back down!

A tough-as-nails Overtown native, Bernice loves tackle football and money. After a disastrous one-day introduction to Tremont early on, Bernice redeemed herself by selling out the crooked crew from a rival tow company – and has been part of the family ever since.

Bernice is one tough mothertrucker. She doesn't take shit from anyone. Even situtations that should have killed her mean nothing to the invincible woman of steel. This is reflected in her moveset in her debut game: The Mysterious Seven Project.


  • Standard Special: Bernice Punch - A super tough punch. It also charges over time depending how pissed off she gets, with her max punch able to KO just about any character.
  • Side Special: Tow Truck Whip - Grabs a tow truck cable like a whip and flings it forward. This can catch characters and can even grab the edge of a platform. It's rather bulky though.
  • Up Special: Car Door - Uses car door to glide with.
  • Down Special: Taking out the Trash - Grabs a character and tosses them in the dumpster.
  • Super Move: Backing Up - Bernice gets taken out by a car backing up and "dies", only to come back pumped up on adrenaline. This is risky if there is only a few seconds left in the match, so be careful!

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