First appearance: Fighters of Lapis

Latest appearance: Fighters of Lapis 5

Although said to be from Epic Mickey, he is actually (ironically even) based off forgotten concept art for Beetleworx in the game. He was included as a playable character in the first game and did not return for the second or third game, however he does reappear in the fourth. He makes a cameo appearance in End of Days as one of the people fighting Tabuu's army of Orcs, Aurum, Subspace mooks, and other bad guy armies.

In game, he has no set moveset and must analyze other character's moves on the battlefield. He can use almost every move in the game, making him a very gimmicky but useful character.


As discovered in Fighters of Lapis 4, Beetleworx Abomination was actually created by the Fusionist, perhaps as a secret experiment. He isn't seen until the end with the collapse of the Castle That Never Was, in which he reveals he has been analyzing everyone's moves. After his defeat his mind is wiped and joins the Fighters of Lapis once more in this new Lapisverse.


He doesn't really have one...

  • All Moves: Analyze - Scans the opponent and copies a move they are currently doing.
  • Super Move: Default Super - Stabs the ground and earthworms come out from the ground and jump up, hurting anyone in the way.

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