First appearance: Fighters of Lapis 6
Bat and Visor

Latest appearance: Tower of Ungodliness

Bat and Visor are newcomers introduced in Fighters of Lapis 6. They hail from a web animation called Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006, a 12-minute, black and white animated movie by Paul Laurence Robertson, featuring music by Cornel Wilczek, also known as Qua. It depicts a fictional side-scroller video game, "heavily influenced and inspired by anime, cult 1980s platform games such as Double Dragon, Bubble Bobble and R-Type, and Australian popular culture" in which two male characters must fight their way through a building full of zombies, humans, giant grubs and octopuses to rescue a woman being held captive by the main antagonist, a pirate baby. The animation was created with Autodesk Animator and Adobe Flash.

Bat and Visor fight as a duo, although Visor tends to lag behind due to the fact he fights with his hands, and Bat attacks with well, a bat. They have a "blood" meter that fills up when they attack. Once it's full, they summon a random "super". Due to this, they have no super move.


  • Standard Special: Swing and Slug - Strong hitting attack.
  • Side Special: Tentacle Drop - Tentacle drops from an outside view point, squishing anyone it lands on.
  • Up Special: Floor Clear - Enters an elevator that teleports them to the highest available platform. This doesn't work in air.
  • Down Special: Chomper Dogs - Rides two dogs that chomp at anything in their way.

Blood Specials

  • Datsun 180b Monster Truck
  • Alien Shooting Comrades - Summons the cast of Aliens to attack with guns.
  • The Ghosts of a Billion Dead Mosquitos - Mosquitos fill the screen, clearing anything on it.
  • You are Entering a World of Pain - Summons the cast of the Big Lebowski.
  • Super Live Bus - Drives a bus that rams into opponents.
  • Idol Summon - Summons a bunch of images of random characters that pass through enemies.

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