Bad Blood is a story about Exotoro about incest. That's one hell of a introduction, right?

Bad Blood is not a love story, it is a incest story. Out of everything Exotoro's ever done, this is the most grounded thing so far, with no supernatural elements whatsoever unless you count Sydney's cameo. So far the story has gotten pretty good praise.



A girl is in love with her sister, who she has only been introduced to about one year ago. When her sister invites her over to bond, her feelings for her sister end up hurting them both.


In the opening of the story, Ria and her sister Azucena talk about studies and school, with Ria noting how many times Azucena says sister. The story skips about a week, where Ria is looking at some articles on the Lapis Wiki on her phone. Suddenly, the phone rings. It's Azucena. Although aware that her feelings for her sister are wrong and unhealthy, she cannot seem to get past it. She struggles a bit with the phone call, only realizing that at the end of the phone call she has just agreed to spend a week with her sister in Miami, the same week her friend is planning to spend time with her on the same week.

Ria calls the friend and tells her that she will have to reschedule as something came up, which makes the friend somewhat upset but they understand. As Ria cusses to herself for putting her in this situation, she accidentally cracks her phone.


Chapter 1: Press Start to Play

“Goddamn.” Ria said as she stretched out on the couch. She cussed a lot, and often had little reason to. She definitely didn’t have one now, at least intentionally.

The couch didn’t look all that uncomfortable, but Ria wanted to read the Lapis Wiki database on her stomach so she wouldn’t have to exert a lot of effort into the act of sitting. But that ideal wasn’t going to happen. She groaned as she rolled around, adjusted her arms, all this other stuff, but she could only manage to get one thing out of it: “shit”.

Something managed to make her sit up though. Her phone’s screen filled with her sister’s picture. Straight up, this was bad for a couple reasons:

  • Ria was in love with her sister.
  • She would have to answer it.
  • And it was going to be awkward.

“Hello?” Ria said, answering the phone. Right away, she could tell it was going to be difficult to get through this as soon her sister’s voice came through.

“Hey, Ria,” replied the phone. Fuck. “So, I heard summer break is here?”

“Yeah, it is… what about it?” said Ria.

“Look, I know things haven’t been exactly that great between us, we only met last year…” said her sister. Fuck, that voice. Shit. She found herself daydreaming about her sister. Her long black hair flowing down to her shoulder. Her eyebrows, thick but strangely beautiful, raised above her ocean blue eyes. A ocean she often found herself lost in, often being snapped out by her sister’s spindly fingers. Fuck, even her name… Azucena. Exotic and not simple like her own.

“Mhmm?” said Ria.

“So I was wondering if you’d like to spend a week with me in Miami?” asked Azucena.

"Sure..." Ria trailed off. She had no idea what she or her sister were saying.

"Ok, so you'll be at the bus by 8 am, right?" asked Azucena. That woke her up.

"Wait, where was I going again?" asked Ria, who had suddenly kicked into the fact she was having a conversation with a human being. Shit.

"Miami with me. Come on, Ria... stop phasing out whenever we talk." said Azucena. God, she was killing her today.

"...yeah, I can manage that. Bye." Ria hung up as soon as she could and buried her head in shame. Then she remembered something. SHIT! She and Sasha had already agreed to spend the week together. She was going to have to be that bad friend and tell her to call it off or something.

Her foot kicked her phone into the wall. She went over to it, noticing the cracks. Ah, shit...

Chapter 2: Stargazed

"You understand right?" she asked her friend. "I just kind of glossed over the fact I was already filled in for this week." God, she hoped she understood, but not in "I'm in love with my sister" way, just a "I totally fucking screwed up" way.

"Yeah, no... it's fine, I guess," the friend said rather dejectedly. "I mean, you two don't really see each other a lot despite living pretty close... what's up with that?"

"...I dunno actually. I guess I'm afraid of her?" responded Ria. This was kind of true but for the wrong reasons, as Ria wasn't so much afraid of Azucena as she was scared that she would find out. Which wouldn't be very hard, but her sister seemed too naive to notice.

"Well, I'll figure out when I can reschedule. Have fun!" said her friend. Sasha. Damn it, did she just forget what her friend's name was?

"Yeah... haha..." Ria wheezed as she hung up. Oh boy, this week wasn't going to be fun.

Six hours passed by. Azucena would soon be here and the internal torture would begin. On a small level, Ria anticipated the door would ring, but it still took her by utter surprise and she jumped from her seat, flailing her limbs as the button on the door did it's job.

She walked over the door and in came Azucena. Don't look at her, don't look at her.

"Ria!" she came over and hugged her sister. Ah crap. She was already feeling the blush burning on her cheeks.

"So we leave tommorow, right?" asked Ria.

"Yeah. Do you not remember me outlining the plan?" asked Azucena.

"I think I remember... you sleep here for the night, we head to the bus at 8, and head to a two hour trip to Miami?" responded Ria.

"Yeah, that's correct." said Azucena.

"Is it okay that you sleep on the couch? I mean, I could sleep on the couch, not with you obviously but if you want something more comfy I could just sleep on the couch and you sleep in my bed..." said Ria.

"I'll take the couch, I don't mind." said Azucena.

"Well, good night then! See you later." said Ria. She was going to bed even if it was 5 pm.

"Are you already tired of me, sister?" teasingly asked Azucena.

"No! Not at all, I just... need some rest. Haha..." said Ria, feigning a exhaustion. Azucena seemed to buy it.

"Well, I'll wake you up then for the stars." said Azucena.

"The stars?" asked Ria.

"The stars are lovely at night, and they just get drowned out in Miami. Surely you don't want to miss them, right?" asked Azucena.

"" Ria said, in defeat.

"See ya, Ria." Azucena said, allowing Ria to finally get out of her sight. She was so nice to a person that she didn't realize was hosting some kind of demon in her soul.

Four hours pass, four excruciating hours. Ria couldn't get her fucking face out of her mind, she couldn't stop hearing her voice, and she couldn't stop thinking about her. What was fucking wrong with her? She heard footsteps in the hall and lay to what she believed was sleep now.

"Ria, the stars are out. Come on out." Azucena said, shaking Ria. Ria groaned. She was doing this for her sister; not herself.

Azucena and Ria stepped out the glass door and head towards the prickly grass. It was long and sharp, like a bunch of daggers on a field. Light pricks across her leg, and soon her back It only stung a little, but in a lot of ways she felt it represented her relationship with her sister, however when she tried to explain it to herself later, she couldn't make heads or tails of this analysis.

"Look, there's the north star." Azucena said, pointing to a lone star by itself. Ria nodded off as she pointed out the stars; she had heard of most them before and there weren't many. The hours ticked by fast though, it grew to be midnight soon enough.

"Look, there's Cassiopeia." she said, pointing to the five stars that made up this constellation. Her other hand was open. Fuck it, Ria thought, I'll take it.

Chapter 3: Guiding Her

"Let's go Ria, we're going to be late if we don't get to the bus." said Azucena.

"Ngrmmgh." said Ria, who rose from her slumber like the sleeping god Cthulhu. Dead Ria awaits her dreaming, but she had to go now.

She grabbed her suitcase. It was a special suitcase given to her by her dad, which she didn't know a lot about before he passed away. Ria had the dad, Azucena had the mom. Out of the two, the father was the better parent, but it didn't speak a lot about her dad's parenting skills. The mom, for lack of a better word, was just fucking crazy. The things she did to Azucena still boil her blood.

She followed Azucena out the door. She knew where she was going. Ria, in a lot of ways, didn't. She didn't care about school. She didn't care about jobs. She didn't even really care about boys. The one thing she cared about was her fucking sister, and even then she had to shut herself out just so things didn't get even worse.

One some level, she knew that she was blowing this out proportion. Her sister would be weirded out, sure. Things wouldn't be the same between the two. But a deep fear of that not happening, even though it was unlikely, haunted her thoughts of her sister.

"We're going to cross a lot of roads and I don't want to loose you, so grab onto my hand." said Azucena. Agh, fuck! She grasped her sister's hand, pretending like she wasn't loosing control. She was not. Her conscious ebbed away, absorbed by thoughts of her sister and herself. Some were good thoughts, thoughts of her taking the news great. Hell, she even felt the same way! They would have to keep it a secret to themselves but people could only suspect...

And then there were the bad thoughts. Azucena shoving her out a window, fucking throwing her into the garbage, doing whatever she had to make sure that she never associated herself with her sister who wanted to bang her.

They walked towards the bus stop, marked with a glass shelter and seating. Two ads, one for that new Fire Emblem movie and then something called Homeworld. She tried to read Homeworld, but she felt the perspective changes every couple of paragraphs made the story too hard to read. Her sister enjoyed them though.

15 minutes of staring into nothing led to the arrival of the bus. Maybe actually talking with her sister would have made that time go faster, but she wasn't taking that risk. She couldn't imagine a conversation that didn't end up with her worst fear coming alive.

She stepped on the bus. She made sure not to sit across or next to her sister, hopefully she didn't see this as a sign of her wanting to get away from her or anything like that. She and her sister sat next to a woman who seemed to have little horns growing from her head and a balding man of poor health.

She opened up her 3ds and opened up some music. Even though a phone would probably be better, she just stuck with her 3ds for music for some odd reason. Royksopp, Save Me, indeed.

Chapter 4: Clock Town Carnival

They made it to the hotel. Room 766. Man, this was a big hotel.

The room was pretty basic, even for a hotel. "You tired?" Azucena asked, placing her suitcase down on the ground. Ria did the same, but in more defeated way.

"Kind of." stated Ria. This time she actually was tired.

"Well, we probably shouldn't miss the Clock Carnival." stated Azucena.

"The Clock Carnival?" asked Ria. She had never heard of such a thing. She wasn't even sure if it even sounded real at all, but with some of the recent events, it wasn't like she was really listening to begin with.

"Yeah, it's a big carnival that's only open this week. It's clocked themed, obviously. Should be fun." said Azucena.

"Alright." Ria supposed. "When do we have to go?"


"Oh man, it's near the beach?" asked Ria. "I hate sand."

"Relax. It won't get in your shoes if you put them on right." said Azucena.

"That's a lie and you know it." said Ria.

"Well, you better get used to it. We're going to the beach tommorow!" said Azucena.

"Agh!" cried out Ria, although in sort of a way that felt somewhat sarcastic. For a second there, she had a genuine conversation with her sister, but that quickly went away as soon as she met her sister's eyes. Lost in their ocean again. Break... away...

She slammed into a pole. Her sister laughed and she shook it off. She wasn't offended, she needed that. A man huddled in a corner, obviously homeless. His face worn with a scraggy beard and dirt, cradling a big yellow dog in his hands. She felt sorry for him, but she walked along.

There they were at the Clock Carnival. A big Ferris Wheel replaced the sun, with some goofy hour and minute hands added, although they didn't move beyond 12:00. Balloons and darts. Test your strength. Tilt-a-whirl.

"We came out here for this?" asked Ria.

"I came out here for you." said Azucena, not realizing the impact of her words. Ria shut the hell up and looked away.

"So, are you hungry?" asked Azucena. "I could grab a hot dog or something... you okay?"

"Yeah... yeah... I'm fine." said Ria. She wanted to shed away her heart and blow it away. She wouldn't have to deal with this any more, by any stretch.

"So two hotdogs, then?" Azucena said. One for her and one for you. Don't fucking read into it. DON'T FUCKING READ INTO IT. Ria thought.

"Yeah, that would be great." she said. She sat down by herself, kicking at the sand below her feet. It flew until she could see brown, then it became harder to part. By then, she had come back.

"You don't seem to want to be here," said Azucena. "I mean if you are, sister..."

"I do want to be here." interrupted Ria, biting in.

"You do?" asked Azucena.

"Look, you're my sister and nothing's going to change that. We don't spend a lot of time together... and that's my fault. I should invite you over or something, I mean you live relatively close..." Ria began. "I just... don't know that much about you, y'know? I never a had sister up until a year ago and now that I have one I'm just wasting my time not getting to know you. I have a sister and I need to..."

"Ria, it's my fault too. I didn't invite you for anything either. It's just you've been so distant and trying to avoid my face... am I ugly to you?" asked Azucena, her thick eyebrows heading down as she said this.

"No! No, no, no!" Ria said. She made sure not to say anything after that, because honestly she didn't think perfection existed until she saw her sister.

"Oh, then what is it?" asked Azucena, in a curious but not angry tone. She was going to have squirm through this, huh?

"It's just... I know about mom. I know what she did to you and it angers me that she did that to you. Those scars on your back, the..." Ria stopped as she began. She didn't want to finish that sentence.

"She's not going to get to you," said Azucena. "Not even beyond the grave."

"Don't you ever have bad dreams about what happened?" asked Ria. "Because I get them sometimes. Sometimes I don't catch you when you fall, my hand fading from my eyes. Sometimes I'm alone with mom and she's mad. And sometimes I just see you die before my eyes, and it hurts me so bad."

"And sometimes I don't catch your hand when I fall, and sometimes I'm reliving what mom put me through, and sometimes you fall dead. I wake up in a cold sweat, afraid events gone awry," said Azucena. "I'm not really glad to hear you're having similar nightmares, but at least we fear for each other, right?"

"Right." Ria said.

"Come on, let's do something while we're here. Lighten the mood a bit." said Azucena.

"Ferris wheel?" suggested Ria.

"Sure." smiled Azucena.

And they went to the midnight sun, with the moon rising as they rode to the top.

Chapter 5: Summer Magic

"Morning, sister." Azucena.


She didn't exactly hate the word, but she half-wished they were more than that. She also half-wished that these feelings would just go away. Last night, she spilled some stuff she kind of regret saying, but it was either that or this fucking virus inside her heart, beating every time she heard or saw her sister.

"Sister, we're going to have breakfast here, and you're going to need to wake up now if you want any doughnuts.


Well, she did like doughnuts. She got out of bed and stretched out her tired limbs and put on some clothes. Something quick with no thought at all; purple striped shirt with blue jeans. Her sister was always an early bird, often working in the mornings on something. She never knew what and her sister hated the concept of her knowing she was working on something everyday at five in the morning, but it interested her a lot.

Her sister actually put care into what she wore today, even though she'd have to take it off in a couple hours anyway. Red belt, white dress. Damn it.

The two took the elevator down to the lobby. L floor. Damn it.

The two enjoyed a pretty decent breakfast all things considered. It was hotel food, nothing overly fancy but the two kept talk quiet, which is what Ria wanted for the most part. So long as she didn’t spill this pathogen beating inside. Time finally came for the beach. Acuzena parked towards the north end of the sandy land. Seagulls flapped in the summer wind. "Aw uck, aw uck, aw uck!”

She couldn’t help but stare at her sister. Her perfect body accented with a tangerine and white striped bikini. Her own body paled in comparison. She would blush if she wasn’t actively trying not to.

The two made their steps down to the water pushing against the sand. Always changing, but still looking the same. The sand never stayed in one spot, but it didn’t matter if it did or not; the little grains all looked the same.

This is not a date. She had to keep telling herself that, no matter how she wanted to believe the opposite. This is not a date.


Damn it.

“I’m going out into the water,” she said to Acuzena. “Do you have a time you want me back?”

“Eh, I’ll get you. I’ll be in the sun reading this book.” Acuzena replied, holding her copy up of Soulworld.

And so Ria set off. She waded in the ice cold water, the end of the beach, the beginning of the grand ocean. It set her mind off for a minute just to focus on how cold it was, but her body adjusted to the temperature. She began to float on her back and just think for a minute.

Do I see someone about this? How do I cure myself? Do I need to be cured? What if she does like me? Is she having similar thoughts? Are they innocent? Does she struggle? Who else does? Am I alone?

The braying of the seagulls interrupted her thoughts. "Aw uck, aw uck, aw uck!”

"Aw yuck, aw yuck, aw yuck!” She began to become mad, but she knew they were right.

Damn it.

Chapter 6: Cloud World

Chapter contains "lemon". You probably wanna skip over that shit, so I've marked it with some pictures of lemons. Also you can see the work safe edition coming soon. Anyway, happy fuckin' valentine's day.

She stared up into the clouds, the brightness of the sun hiding behind them. It was going to rain soon, right? Maybe they came to say hello and go somewhere else. That's what she should have done. The water constantly rippled on her back but she couldn't think of much else beyond the fear, the terror her sister might find out. Headaches and heartaches, nightmares... somebody help her out.

She swam back to shore and let the sun baked sand burn her skin. It was noon now, right? She hobbled over to her sister, still reading her book.

"When can we go?" she asked Azucena. Azucena looked up from her book and stared at her sister.

"Hmm, I suppose it is noon..." Azucena responded. She marked her place and started packing the chair up, and Ria grabbed the bag that the folding chair went into, slinging it over her shoulder. Azucena carried her book in both of her hands.

"So... uh... I'm kind of hungry." Ria stated.

"Well, we can head down the boardwalk and get you something to eat." Acuzena smiled at her sister. She smiled back.

A man walks down a thorny road, his face coated with dust. A woman on a hill stands next a cross with a ribbon on it that flails in the wind. The man trips and falls, and the woman stares behind her. The man runs up the hill and meets her. She lifts up her shirt a bit and reveals she's pregnant, with the man happy but the woman looks down with sadness.

She slammed into the wall. Acuzena ran over to her, and grabbed her shoulder, which sent a chill down her spine.

"Are you okay?" asked her sister. Ria got up. She was okay. She was going to be fine.

"Yeah," Ria brushed herself off. "Just... thinking about mom and dad. Dad told me a story about how he found out mom was pregnant and I was just thinking about it because it seemed like she never wanted kids..."

Acuzena hadn't heard this story before. "What did he tell you?"

"He went out to look for her one day and was told that she went into the woods crying and he looked for her everywhere and eventually he found her on a hillside next to a cross. He went over to her and she showed him she was pregnant. He was happy about it because he wanted kids, but mom... she was sad about it." Ria said.

"So she had it out for us from the start, huh." stated Azucena. She attempted to say it jokingly, but the scars were too deep for her to do that.

"Oh hey, pizza. Let's get some of that." Ria said, attempting to change the subject. Fuck, she was so terrible with talking with her sister. The only time she could have a genuine conversation with her was when she was talking about the woman that tortured her for most of her life. Somebody help her out...

"Sounds good." stated Azucena.

They stepped into the pizza restaurant and went to the counter to order.

This wasn't a date either. The fact she had to tell herself that every time told her a lot.

You're going to bring yourself down.


She emptied out the sand out of her flip flops as she entered the hotel. She raced Azucena; she took the elevator and she took the stairs. When the elevator hit her floor, Azucena was already at the room and placed her book on the table. Ria's stomach growled. Fuckin' how? They just ate pizza?

Azucena tossed her an apple. "I'm heading to the showers and getting the sand off. Eat while you're waiting."

Ria bit into the apple.


Ria entered the shower after her sister was done. Ria stripped off her clothes and entered the shower. She turned the dial and quickly leapt from the icy cold water escaping the shower and quickly changed the temperature by turning the metallic dial next to the initial dial.

She grabbed a bottle of body soap and proceeded to wash over her body. Intoxicated by the alluring scent which was strangely familiar, Ria closed her eyes and felt her body in a more sensual fashion then she normally would. She brought the suds up to her shapely breasts and teased herself, squeezing its soft ripe flesh and rubbing her nipples in slow circular motions.

Keeping her left hand occupied with her breast, her right hand almost acting on a mind of its own trailed down between her legs. Ria took four of her fingers and began rubbing her swollen folds. Eventually her middle finger brushed her clit causing her to tremble, the hand that was once occupied with her breast was now pressed against the tiles on the wall. Having her eyes closed this time Ria didn't notice the familiar pale hand on her hand against the wall.

"Enjoying yourself, sister?"

Ria gasped and swang her neck around only for her lips to be collided by the silky lips she has desired for what felt like an eternity. Ria pulled out to find that her own older sister was hunched over her wet naked frame completely exposed. "Azu-Azucena what are you-"

Ria was cut off from another assault in her mouth. After a much longer smooch, it was Azucena who pulled away leaving a trail of saliva bridging between the lower lips of the sisters. "Ria, I know. I feel the same for you," she confessed.

Ria was nearly hyperventilating at the sudden confession of her sister. "Really! You really love me?" she begged hoping Azucena repeats her answer. It couldn't be. Could it?

"Yes, Ria... I know it's wrong. However, I'm sure we can be an exception..." Azucena stated. "I'm sorry for toying with your emotions for so long, I was just scared, I didn't want to lose you," she explained rubbing her hand on Ria's cheek. "Now let your sister demonstrate how it feels to truly be loved," she stated plunging both of her fingers up Ria's entrance and rotated them moving Ria's insides around all directions.

"Azu -Azucena!" she cried as tears began to flow that are immediately washed away by the drops from the shower. Azucena used her free hand to dry the tears of her sister and planted a soft kiss on her lips letting the warm water wash down between them.

"Please don't weep my love, turn around for me, I want to see your luscious breasts," she requested. Ria complied with her older sister and turned around exposing her front for the first time to Azucena. She took her free hand and interlocked her fingers with Ria's and held it against the wall behind her sister. Azucena lunged for her left tit and gently licked her sensitive nipple. Ria let out another yelp but was silenced by the left hand of Azucena squeezing her right hand.

Azucena continued pleasuring her younger sister rubbing her clit with her free thumb making Ria squeeze her toned thighs together almost crushing Azucena's hand. Azucena was now suckling the neck of Ria, who at this point was trying not to pass out, breathing heavily throughout the pleasure her sister was giving her. Ria felt something building up in her lower body like a volcano was about to erupt between her legs. This sensation was familiar, it was what she felt before... before...

Ria gasped remembering the aftermath of what happened then. "Azu... stop! I'm gonna-"

"Don't worry sister, I am not them," she said moving her mouth from Ria's collarbone. Quickening her pace with her right hand and cupped her little sister's face with the left. "Let it all out Ria, nothing bad will happen I promise." Azucena assured, planting one final kiss to Ria. As worried as she was Ria trusted Azucena and breaking the kiss she screamed as she came on her sister's fingers.

Ria's knees trembled and she descended to the floor of the shower, exhausted. Above her Azucena turned off the shower and knelt down next to her, pecking her forehead. "I love you, Ria." she whispered leaning down for another kiss on the lips. Ria waited for her tongue to enter mouth once more, only to find that no one was there.

"Azu- Azucena?" Ria called to thin air, she disappeared. Ria was sitting alone in the floor of the shower with her own juices on the tips of her fingers. Without saying a word Ria got up, dried herself off and went to bed.

"I... I'm fucking horrible." she reflected feeling tears in her eyes beginning to fall with no shower water to disguise it. Why couldn't she fucking fight it?

Chapter 7: Broken Mirror

The small child and the baby looked at each other for the first time.

"Azucena, this is your sister. Her name is Ria." said a man, his eyes clearly welling up in happiness as he set the baby down and allowed the young child to look her sister for the first time.

"Hi!" said young Azucena, her eyes in wonder as she looked at a small human being that was her sister. She touched the baby's head with her finger.

She woke up with her leg in pain.

"Ah shit shit shit owwww oww oww!" she yelped in pain. She got up and twisted her leg to the left, hoping to fix it. In a couple of seconds, it went away. What time was it? 5? She creaked the door opened.

Oh right, her sister was awake and on the computer. She tipped around her and looked at what was on screen. Her sister closed the tabs and looked back at her.

"Good morning." she cheerfully greeted.

"Hey." Ria said, dismally. She grabbed a bowl and a spoon and headed over to the table. Set those down and headed back for milk and a box of cereal. She poured milk over the flakes, frosted and coated in pounds of sugar in a factory somewhere in Vietnam or maybe even China.

"You alright, sister?" her sister asked as she typed up something.


"I'm fine," she curtly responded, trying not cry. She realized she was holding way too hard on the spoon. "Didn't get a lot of sleep last night."

"Was it a nightmare? You could have come to me if you wanted to, sister..." replied Acuzena, who Ria was growing more and more upset about. "Hey, you want to go shopping today? Go to the mall or something?"


She finished the bowl and put things away. Her sister was still waiting for a response. "Ria...?" she asked.

"Am I a fucking kid to you?" she roared in anger and threw the spoon, shattering a mirror that was hanging above the kitchen table. "Why do you always fucking treat me like a goddamn kindergarten student?!" she broke down in tears and collapsed onto the ground, her head spinning dizzily.

"Wha... why are you acting like this?" asked Azucena as she ran over. Ria swatted her hand away. "What did I do?" she took a cautious inch forward towards her sister.

" need to tell me." Acuzena said. Ria looked at her with fire in her eyes, her eyes nearly completely red. "What have I done wrong, sister?"


"I'm so fucking goddamn fed up with your bullshit! Please fucking leave me alone! Please! And never call me sister again!" said Ria, exploding with rage, tears, and fear. Azucena drew away. She looked at the mirror and it's dazzling shards laying on the table. She looked back at Ria but she was gone, with her anger now directed to the door. What did she do?


Acuzena returned to her room. She looked at the mirror. What did she do?

The door creaked open. Ria stepped in.

"I'm sorry." she said, tears running down her cheeks, snot running out of her nose like a faucet.

"Look, I'm sorry too for whatever I did... I'm just not sure what it is..." said Acuzena.

"No, it's my fault. I wanted to say goodbye anyway." said Ria.

"Goodbye?" This caught Acuzena off guard.

"Yeah. Taking the train back. It's like leaving in half a hour."

"Why didn't you tell me you were leaving?" asked Acuzena.

"I just did, but I wasn't going to tell you at all. Look... just don't make this harder than it has to be. I really need to just get away." spoke Ria, croaking the last part.

"I'm not calling you sister any more." said Acuzena.

"It wasn't about that... look, I gotta go..." said Ria.

"Look, we can't understand each other if you're failing to communicate what I did wrong here." Acuzena said.

"It's more of what I did wrong." said Ria. "Look, please... I don't really want to talk right now."

"Please just help me out here... I want to be better than my mother who told me you two died thanks to me." Acuzena spoke flatly.

"No, I really do not want..." Ria said.

"Every day I looked in the mirror and I saw my mother smile back at me. When you came to stay for a couple days, I saw myself. Happy for once. I've hurt you somehow and I need to fix it." Acuzena stated.

"Fine," Ria burst out. "You want to know what's been bothering me every time I see you? I don't love you as a sister, Acuzena. I love you in a way that's wrong and it kills me every time I look at you."

Acuzena stepped back. Ria looked like she was about to burst into tears again. "How long..."

"Ever since I saw you. It just kept getting worse and worse..." Ria said, croaking as she did. It was totally mangled yet understandable. "This is so selfish..." she said before running out. Acuzena pressed against a wall.


Chapter 8: Delicious Hamburger and Fries

Ahhhhhhh shit.

Acuzena stared at the mirror shards. She did this because of her. She was hurting herself because of her. So, your sister is in love with you.

She rubbed her head. OK, uh. What do you even do? She wouldn't be able to ignore it and rejecting her... may go badly.

Instead of trying to stop making her love you, why don't you love her back? What kind of thought process was this? On the other hand, maybe she could just ease out of it better this way. Ria was hurting because of this. Would giving her what she wanted; just for a few moments at most, be pushing it? What was the right thing to do here?

She didn't really want to hurt Ria anymore.

She walked up to the door and opened it slowly, little bit by bit. Ria noticed she was there and she froze, her body tensing up for some kind of battle, maybe?

Acuzena sat next to her on the bed.

"Yeah, this is pretty awkward and weird," Acuzena said, staring at the ground. "but I don't hate you." Ria looked up at her.

"I've been kind of thinking about it; do you wanna get a burger or something? Just the two of us." said Acuzena.

"...sure..." Ria said. She bit her lip as Acuzena kissed her on the head.


So many questions were forming into Ria's head as she sat down at the table across from her sister.

Chapter 9: Rong

Chapter 10: I Know...