First appearince: The Mysteriously Seven Project

Surprise! An eager heart and soul burns bright hot and always so red for your flavors! BBQirll can be your juicy cooking princess for unlimited love and power, her victorious grand flame bringing a lucky warm dream to the sleepy cold meat! Embrace the burning daughter of food truth in a simultaneous four-quadrant marriage of meat and fire.

Quietly! Little meat is sleeping a dream!


  • Standard Special: Spatula - Use the spatula to either attack oppent or toss them in air!
  • Side Special: Hamburger Toss - Throw little meat like firsbee!
  • Up Special: Menu Glide - Use menu as gliding tool!
  • Down Special: Grilling Time - Opens up head and place opponent inside! Burn victim!
  • Super Move: Supper Time - Opens up head and put all the opponents inside to burn them all! Tastee!

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