First appearance: Super Wacky 8

Based off the Japanese web series called Cat Mario Time as well as Japanese actress Aya Ueto, Aya the Puppeteer is a playable character in the game Super Wacky 8. She is a melee based character who also uses quiz questions to block attacks. She can do 4x the amount of damage if she uses all four arms, but she has very little range.


  • Standard Special: Claws Come Out - The puppets gain claws.
  • Side Special: Quiz Time - Asks a question about a enemy in Super Mario 3D World. The opponent has to choose the right answer to take down the shield.
  • Down Special: Cat Arms - Switches between 1-4 arm modes. 2 arms allows her to attack with greater range but doesn't do much damage where as 4 arms does tons of damage but it has really short range.

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