NightVision Ent.'s showcase for A3 2014:

Day One


Welcome to NightVision's panel at A3 2014! For our first presentation, we will be talking about the new remake of Malign Quarantine, a game on Fantendo created by yours truly with some other aquaintances. Now, it is being remade with a brand new crew. The new crew for the game, (unless situations call for otherwise,) consists of: 

  • SuperSonicDarkness
  • Exotoro
  • MeGa eXal 
  • PablodePablo
  • Hamclub13
  • Flip The Frog
  • White the Popopo

As you can see, most of the members are new, and most of the characters will be new as well, except for some that we might bring back.

But anyway, that was the first day of presentations. Production on this game will start quite soon, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Day Two


Alrighty, now it's time for the big one, Crystal Warriors 2! Now, this one is already in production, but not much has been worked on for it so far. We've revealed almost all of the characters for the previous game, but who will be joining the fray this time around?

Neptune CW2 Reveal Poster

Neptune Vasilias is the first newcomer revealed as a sixth RWBY rep. His main method of combat is using his weapon, a gun that transforms into both a blade and trident. Similarly to characters such as Mario and Raymond, Neptune will be a more balanced character on the field.  

Eren Jaeger CW2 Reveal Poster

Another newcomer is Attack on Titan protagonist Eren Jaeger, who uses his swords and 3D Maneuveur Gear to fight. And if things go awry, he can always summon "the other guy....."

And those were the first two newcomers announced to be in the game! Expect more to come tomorrow.

Day Three 

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