Day One

I'm gonna be straight-forward about the one thing I have to present.

Ad Infistitum logo

And I'm gonna be presenting it pretty well, I think.



It has been centuries since the gods turned on each other after Helix's betrayl, and their champions have settled into the suburban city-planet of Exercendas Tranquilla, where they live peaceful lives, going into work as heroes against evil by day and returning home at night. However, evil forces from the very edges of known reality begin their advance on the vulnerable Dodecaverse.

The year is now 4015, and the end of the world has come. At the hands of an abomination with no name, the Dodecaverse has been wiped from existence entirely. All known witnesses are dead, caught in the violent destruction of their home.

On December 31st, 4014, a hero awakens from a slumber, their memories not their own. Only the vaguest idea of their death fills their head.


Ad Infistitum is a basic Smash Bros. style fighting game, with no health bars, just a group of fighters on a stage trying to knock each other out of the arena. However, Ad Infistitum features no items, and has a unique mechanic - Tag Teams. Only available in certain modes, Tag Teams allow you to pick two characters and use them in one of two ways - allowing one character to support another passively through healing or power boosts, or switching between the two, allowing for more versatile fighting options.

The game will have a grand total of 365 characters, one each day starting on January 1st, 2015, with the story updating daily as well. I'm going to rely on The Mysterious Seven Project's movesets if applicable, but debuting characters will get a moveset, be it during production or after the game's one year of adding regularly is done. Stages will be added once every two weeks, which means roughly 24 stages (12 months x 2 stages a month = 24 stages), and content outside of story, characters, and stages will be updated every week.


Ad Infistitum is a big project for me. It's experimental and hasn't really been tried before, so it's kind of fun and scary to be pioneering this type of project. I hope you'll all keep up with the game when it debuts at the start of 2015.

Oh, and as a little appetite pleaser, here's the first character, Mister Infistitum himself.


I'm out.

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