Blackout Software

These are the A3 presentations conducted by Blackout Software. They only participated in days one and three of the event.

Day 1

Obsidian Warlords

After finally using the idea that we have been kicking around about using very obscure characters in a fighter, we want to focus finally on our attempt at a Fighters of Lapis-esque game. It is essentially Owartta, but not strictly about obscure and forgotten characters. The game, Obsidian Warlords takes place in the same universe as Owartta, on a Medieval/feudal world called Cerecloth.

Obsidian will feature a multitude of characters fighting in large 3D environments. Like Smash Bros., characters have unique movesets tailored around what they do in their own series.

Awakened logo

Awakened Legends, as palpable by the logo, features an Avengers-esque idea of world, where the various Fire Emblem and Zelda universes clash together in a combat and story-driven game where the two worlds collide and are on the verge of destruction thanks to Ashnard and him stealing the Triforce from Ganon, Zelda and Link.

More information to be revealed soon.

Day 3

Mushroom logo

Mushroom Heroes is sorta like Hyrule Warriors, and features a similar principle: Dynasty Warriors in the Mario universe. Of course, like DW, it features a multitude of characters from Mario's past and various other references to his appearances. The game mainly focuses on Super Mario Galaxy, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and Super Mario Sunshine. While a M&L game may be a strange choice, the game's plot is heavily influenced by Fawful's actions in the game.

The game centres around the Mushroom Kingdom's warriors fighting to protect the kingdom. Seems pretty simple? But it's not Bowser, they're fighting against. The Dark Star, which was freed by Fawful in M&L:BIS, explodes when in Fawful's new possession, and creates a tear in the space-time continuum. The Dark Star not only destroys the pasts and present, combining them together into a single Mushroom Kingdom, but also has Mario and Co. up against many different Bowsers from Mario's past, as well as other villains like Smithy, Dimentio, Fawful and Doopliss. The explosion, which knocks apart the barriers of the timeline, also combines elements from Mario's sister series, WarioWare, Donkey Kong and Yoshi; with the Black Jewel, King K. Rool and Kamek joining the other villains in a battle for supremacy.

We can not reveal all of the game's playable characters as of now, but we will confirm the obvious choices: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong and a single variation of Bowser are all playable characters, each utilizing their own unique weapons.

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