Attack on Elementa is an upcoming author-appeal beat-em-up game. In it you select an army of characters from different elemental types, and you can either play campaign mode where you fight evil armies, or in online mode you can fight against armies formed by your friends or strangers on the internet. There are eight chosen characters that are mandatory for your army, as they are the main protagonists and each one represents a different element. 


Playable Characters

Forest Elementals

Character Series Description
Guardians of the Galaxy I am Groot. That is his entire vocabulary. Yep. (OK He says something else towards the end of the movie but it's really spoilery so I won't mention it here.) Groot can create spikes on his body, extend his limbs, and has other cool powers like that. He is the chosen representative of the Forest Elementals. 
Pokemon Like the other characters in this tribe, Phantump uses log-based attacks. But he is more quick then his bretheren, and can possess the bodies of enemies. 

Fire Elementals

Character Series Description
RWBY Yang is a strong fighter and a good warrior to have on your side. She can use her gauntlet machine guns for long ranged attacks, and they emit fire for hard hits. The more damage she takes, the stronger her attacks are. She is the chosen representative of the Fire Elementals. 

Ice Elementals

Electric Elementals

Rock Elementals

Mechanic Elementals

Magic Elementals

Dark Elementals

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