Attack of the Evil Corporation: The Game is a platforming umbrella that includes a cast of 6 characters, who each traverse through 20 levels and end up together to fight the big baddy that is behind the corporation literally titled 'Evil Corporation'. Each character has some differences, whether it be one having a flippin' kitten race car or a rocket launcher that launches cupcakes, sadly both of those are not in this game.




Playable Characters

Character Description

Sackboy is a rather light character, who doesn't as much rely on weapons, but relies on the items that he can store with him. He can take specific items and summon them later in use on the level. Even if one item isn't found, something else can probably help instead. Sackboy uses ropes to pull stuff up and down, aswell.


Greedo is a character who relies on fast thinking and precise aiming skills. Greedo gets new guns throughout the game, aswell as utilizing powerups that boost his shooting skills temporarily. Greedo's levels are based on mostly gunning down enemies, but later in the game Greedo's bullets must be aimed to bounce of of things, sometimes.

Isaac Isaac is basically RNG hell, as he is weak without finding any good items throughout the levels. Isaac finds items through chests, which usually help him, but sometimes can cause a big problem. Isaac has a special 2-player mode where a second player can become a random baby from The Binding of Isaac, not being able to do much except shoot and open chests for Isaac.

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