Atlas Hawkins
Full Name Atlas Hawkins
Current Age 20
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class None
Family and Relations
Mother Nature (mother)
Aphrodite Hawkins (sibling)
Apolla Hawkins (sibling)
Athena Hawkins (sibling)
Main Weapon(s) None
Atlas Hammett Hawkins is a god that inhabits planet Earth, being a superpowerful person that is actually more than capable of carrying a whole planet on his shoulders.  He is one in a group of four siblings, and is the eldest of them.  Atlas is very intelligent, and is fearsome to face alone, especially if one of his siblings was hurt.


Atlas is a medium-sized man with a very muscular body, complete with rolling white hair and beard.  His white wings are the longest in length, but are the shortest in height, and his halo is golden and hanging above him.  His eyes are sanguine and angry, and he wears torn and ripped clothing that is white in color.


Atlas is stern, serious, and not the kind of person to hold back whatsoever.  He is very confident in his abilities, and is fearsomely intelligent, able to outwit many his age and is stronger than everyone and everything present on Earth, with only Mother Nature being his competition.  If any of his siblings are hurt, he immediately goes out to track and destroy whoever did it.


Atlas' abilities are rather straightforward; he is extremely strong and can instantly defeat any living object with a good swing of his fists.  He can initiate earthquakes and cause lots of ruckus when he's out of control, but isn't strong enough to overpower and take over nature on his own.  It's said that only Atlas can naturally pierce diamond, and it's true.


Athena Hawkins

Aphrodite Hawkins

Apolla Hawkins

Mother Nature

Indigo Wiper Hampshire


  • Atlas' origins came from a song that the creator really likes -- Metallica's Atlas, Rise!.
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