First appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project


Ashley is an unlockable character in The Mysterious Seven Project. The girl next door living in a haunted mansion, Ashley is a young witch accompanied by a shape-shifting imp named Red. Ashley isn't very strong, but is fast and has very good recovery.


  • Standard Special: Magic Blast - Ashley shoots out a small magic beam that isn't powerful, but very fast and gives the foe a random status effect.
  • Side Special: Red Attack - Red shoots forward with his trident. This is fast and does decent damage, as well as knockback, but has little range.
  • Up Special: Pantalones Giganticus - Ashley inflates her dress like a balloon and is able to float up to recover.
  • Down Special: Spoon - Ashley turns a foe's projectile or attack into a spoon with good timing, allowing it to be used as a melee item.
  • Final Smash: Shoot the Breeze - Ashley goes behind the stage and can shoot at foes with homing Magic Blasts in a manner similar to a First-Person Shooter.

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