Apolla Hawkins
Full Name Apolla Hawkins
Current Age 18
Gender Female
Current Status Alive
Class None
Family and Relations
Mother Nature (mother)
Atlas Hawkins (sibling)
Aphrodite Hawkins (sibling)
Athena Hawkins (sibling)
Main Weapon(s) Blood Bow
Apolla Burton Hawkins is a goddess that lives on planet Earth alongside her other three siblings.  She is a goddess of art, music, knowledge, sun, amongst many other things, and is a nerdy geek that loves modern technology and things like that.  She is a very avid user of the Internet and loves communicating with others.  While being immortal, she tries to live like most other humans.


Apolla is a fancy maiden that wears black tights and a dark red tank top, wearing heart-shaped glasses and always holding paper and pencil in her hands.  From her back is a large red cape, not unlike that of Superman's.  Her wings are white and are fair sized, and she has a yellow halo, as traditional with her family.


Even though she's usually alone, Apolla loves being around others and likes to make close friends with others, getting close so she can learn more about human life and how it's like to be a mortal.  She is very against violence and tries to get wars across Earth to stop whenever she can.  As a chatterbox, one can either love being around her or think of her as very annoying.  She takes everything to heart however, so one can easily make her cry or feel gravely upset if the wrong things are said.


Apolla can fly around and use a strong bow and arrow to attack enemies, but other than that she is very much like a mortal.  In fact, she rarely even uses those tools of hers, she tries to walk around the world like she were any other mortal, wanting to go in cars and take trains and all that stuff.


Athena Hawkins

Aphrodite Hawkins

Atlas Hawkins

Mother Nature

Indigo Wiper Hampshire


  • Apolla is somewhat based off of the actual Apollo god.
    • This is also the only deity that the creator has made that is a genderbent version of an existing one.
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