Aphrodite Hawkins
Full Name Aphrodite Hawkins
Current Age 19
Gender Female
Current Status Alive
Class None
Family and Relations
Mother Nature (mother)
Atlas Hawkins (sibling)
Apolla Hawkins (sibling)
Athena Hawkins (sibling)
Main Weapon(s) Crimson Whip
Aphrodite Ulrich Hawkins is a goddess that inhabits planet Earth, being one in a group of four goddess siblings.  She is a goddess that controls love, pleasure, and beauty, and strives to be the most beautiful creature that the planet has ever seen.  Despite her vanity, she is very protective of her three siblings, and is the most positive person of the three.


Aphrodite is a tall, beautiful woman with long, ocean wave-like white hair.  She has sparkling blue eyes and very smooth skin, white with a ghostly glow to it.  She has a pair of white wings, more angelic and much bigger than her siblings', and she has a yellow halo floating over her head.  Usually she doesn't wear ANY clothing whatsoever, but when necessary she just wears a white bathrobe covered in sparkling gems.  


While she strives to be the sexiest person alive, she is quite calm and collected, and a reasonable person even if she can sometimes be slightly vain.  She is very protective of her siblings and almost always puts herself in front of them, not allowing them to take shots at them.  Across the world, she is popular for her looks and for her conversations, something that her siblings can sometimes be jealous of.  She isn't without flaws; she can be very self-conscious.


She can fly really high, able to soar beautifully through the skies and use light as an attack.  But despite this, there are hardly any real abilities to her, although many claim that she is brilliant with flirting and behaving "sexy" in general.  Aphrodite is very good at using a whip, which she uses as a form of punishment and as part of her activities with others, but other than that she's a fairly average person that just so happens to be very good at playing video games and playing rock-paper-scissors.


Athena Hawkins

Atlas Hawkins

Apolla Hawkins

Mother Nature

Indigo Wiper Hampshire


  • Aphrodite's concept actually came from Exotoro saying "im on board with this Aphrodite x Athena ship" on Fantendo chat, prompting the creator to make her family.
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