Animal Quarrel
The game's logo.
Developer(s) Icy Cold Gaming Industries, Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Fighting Game
Release Date(s)
Quarrel Mode

Bell Contest Stage Creator Hide-And-Seek

Media Included Controllers, amiibo
Series Animal Crossing
Predecessor None
Successor  ???
"Animal Quarrel," or "Dobutsu koron" in Japan, is an upcoming Animal Crossing game coming to the Wii U. The game will be a spin-off of the Animal Crossing series, in which many villagers come to fight eachother for the position of the mayor's secretary. The game will be the 3rd in the series to use amiibo cards, and came out on August 13th, 2016.


The game plays out like it's own original thing. Each character can use a specific set of moves, such as butterfly nets, squeaky mallets, and bags of Bells. The stages are like Captain Toad's, in which it's a 3D square-like stage. Instead of time limits and stocks, each characters starts with the default limit of 125 HP. You can go up to 500, and go as low as 10. You can use your special attacks by getting enough energy from attacking.

Bell Mode is where you attack enemies to get the highest amount of Bells. You can also do Team Mode, in which you can team up with up to 2 other players and try to whack the Bells out of the opposing team before the time runs out.

You also have Hide-And-Seek, which is what it sounds like: hide and seek.

Finally, Stage Creator is where you choose a theme and make a 3D stage to fight on. You place down platforms, items, ladders, houses, and name it! Then you can globally share it via the internet.

Default Characters

Animal Quarrel has 32 characters (not counting DLC). There are 15 characters that are unlocked for the start.

Image And Name Description Moves



Isabelle is the adorable secretary from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She's trying to get back her secretary job and have a good time doing so!

  1. Pen: Isabelle tosses a pen at her opponents.
  2. Fruit: Isabelle tosses fruit at her opponents, and can heal herself, too!
  3. Pitfall: Isabelle plants a pitfall and waits for an enemy to fall in it.
  4. Isabike: Isabelle hops on her Mario Kart bike and can hit her enemies for a short time.
  5. Ordiance Approval: Isabelle approves an ordiance and big bags of Bells fall on her enemies.

Tom Nook

Tom Nook

Tom Nook has owned item stores and has helped renovate your house. Whatever job he does, though, he has one thing in common: he's eager for the pay!
  1. Bell Whack: Tom Nook whacks an enemy with Bells.
  2. Tail Swipe: Tom Nook spins around and hits enemies with his tail.
  3. Shovel: Tom Nook grabs a shovel and smacks opponents with it.
  4. Mailbox: Tom Nooks places down a mailbox and hides behind it, shielding himself.
  5. Timmy and Tommy: Timmy and Tommy Nook appear and build a house around an opponent.


K.K. Slider

K.K. Slider is the relative Animal Crossing musician, and can play the guitar, and can even become a DJ! K.K. is clearly one cool dog!
  1. Guitar Whack: K.K. slaps opponents with his guitar.
  2. Album: K.K. throws an album, which hits enemies like a frisbee.
  3. Stool Toss: K.K. tosses his stool, which can hit enemies twice.
  4. Surfin' K.K.: K.K. grabs a surfboard that can double as both a shield and a weapon.
  5. DJ K.K.: K.K. becomes a DJ and drops a beat, hitting opponents.


Mr. Resetti

Mr. Resetti is the no-nonsense, short tempered mole of Animal Crossing! If you don't save the game before you turn it off, he'll get mad at ya!
  1. Pickaxe: Resetti bonks you with his pickaxe.
  2. Rage Cloud: Smoke clouds appear from Resetti, blinding enemies.
  3. Helmet: Resetti places his helmet down, and waits for enemies to trip.
  4. Dig And Pop: Resetti burrows under the ground and pops up!
  5. No Resettin: Resetti goes into a rage and blindy rampages around the map.



Sable is one of the 3 Able Sisters, and is pretty distant unless you get to know her better. She can usually be seen sewing clothes together.
  1. Clothes: Sable slaps an opponent with clothes.
  2. QR Code: Sable can use QR cards as boomerangs.
  3. Mannequin: Sable uses a  mannequin as a shield.
  4. Needles: Sable throws knitting needles at enemies.
  5. Sewing Machine: Sable's sewing machine drops on an opponent.



Mabel is the youngest of the Able Sisters, and the most peppy of them, too! She tries to keep the other two sister happy, and is really perky!
  1. Clothes: Mabel slaps an opponent with clothes.
  2. Spines: Mabel pokes an opponent with her spikes.
  3. Pro Designs: Mabel makes a zig-zag pattern, making enemies dizzy.
  4. Mannequin: Mabel tips over a mannequin to hit enemies.
  5. 51 Items: 51 items drop around the battlefield, and can make enemies trip.



Redd is the owner of Crazy Redd's, and sells "real" pieces of artwork. Sometimes they happen to be real, but most of the time they end up fake.

  1. Statue Drop: Redd drops a statue on an opponent.
  2. New Year's Hat: Redd throws a party hat at an enemy.
  3. Painting Slam: Redd slams a painting over someone's head.
  4. Leaf: Redd places a leaf on the ground for someone to trip on.
  5. Tent: Redd's tent drops on enemies, locking them in for a short time.

Kappn 3DS


Kapp'n is the basic mode of transportation in most of the regular games. From taxi to car to boat, Kapp'n is always ready to take a ride!
  1. Oar Twirl: Kapp'n spins around an oar, hitting enemies.
  2. Sing-Along: Kapp'n sings a song and puts enemies to sleep.
  3. Mini-Taxi: Kapp'n gets in a small taxi and drives around.
  4. Durian Toss: Kapp'n throws a Durian at enemies.
  5. Bus: Kapp'n gets in his bus and hits enemies.

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