anima is an action hack-and-slash umbrella game loosely based around the Warriors series created by Koei Tecmo. The game is being worked on by Jake (Talk) as a sort of parallel timeline of the Partial Macrocosm known as the Partial Totality.


Similar to Koei Tecmo's Warriors series, anima places players in a large battlefield alongside a large amount of enemy minions and captains, with the goal of capturing keeps and defeating the enemy commander. Unlike Warriors titles, though, players can use the Wii U gamepad's touchscreen to create paths for their allied forces to travel and create guards for their captured keeps. Unlike Warriors games though, the game does not solely feature action sections as some puzzles must be completed to open locked gates. Perhaps the most different aspect of the game is the Capture system. Spirits can sometimes appear on the battlefield, and approaching it will teleport the spirit and the player into another plane where they fight in a one-on-one battle. To Capture the spirit, the player must defeat them in a more challenging battle of several stages.

The spirit's first stage is the Cracked. Cracked spirits are fast attackers who very rarely let down their guard, making them hard to defeat. After defeating the Cracked, the spirit then transforms into its Unbound form, where it becomes a large deity with extremely powerful attacks but next-to-no defensive capabilities, making them easier to defeat. The last form is the Freed form, which can not attack and just tries to flee from the player. During this time, the player has five minutes to kill the spirit before it reverts to a weaker version of its Unbound form. Successfully killing the spirit frees it, unlocking a new playable character. Once all playable characters are unlocked, defeating spirits releases large amount of money and can even drop a new weapon.



Playable Characters

Character 1 - anima
Cave Spider
Minecraft has several hostile mobs that will attack the player when they draw near. One of these is the Cave Spider, and this Cave Spider is from the "Mob Talker" Minecraft mod. She doesn't carry a weapon, but is extremely small and light, stinging with poisonous punches.
Character 2 - anima
A girl who sold her soul to get her one wish granted by a strange being known as Kyubey, Homura fights strange beings created from despair ("witches") by night and attends school by day. For weapons, she is able to pull various guns from her shield, and can also temporarily freeze time to rack up combo attacks.
Character 3 - anima
Whi-Two is a Pokémon Trainer who was once a member of Team Plasma. Now, she follows N's orders, though not actually under him as she no longer resides in Unova. She uses Dake-chan, her trusted Foongus, as her weapon, attacking with his various elemental attacks.
Character 4 - anima
Saeko Busujima is a third year student attending Fujimi High School and the captain of the school's Kendo Club. Saeko's default weapon is a bokken wooden sword, similar to the one she used at the beginning of the apocalypse in which she lives, though a real sword can be unlocked for her. Her special attacks have her using her M9 Vertec pistol.
Character 5 - anima
The Ultimate Swimming Pro attending Hope's Peak Academy sent to kill her fellow "Ultimate" students after The Tragedy that rocks and destroys life. She is able to harness water and use it to attack others through doughnut-like gauntlets she wears.
Character 6 - anima
An apprentice samurai sent to protect Edo, Japan from an alien menace residing in the Murasame Castle, Takamaru arms himself solely with a katana as his weapon. Though this does not make him defenceless by no means, as he utilizes various magical abilities in his attacks, such as creating wind gusts and throwing fireballs.

Hidden Characters

These characters are unlocked either through the story or by completing Bonus Missions.

Character 10 - anima
K.K. Slider
A wandering canine musician, he goes by the name of K.K. Slider. He sings with various songs and a wooden guitar, which he uses as a weapon, harnessing the power of music to attack.
Character 11 - anima
Viridi is the Goddess of Nature and the leader of the Forces of Nature army. She can summon vines and the Forces of Nature enemies to come to her aid, using her staff to attack opponents.
Character 12 - anima
Neku Sakuraba was shot in Shibuya, and was forced to play the Reaper's Game, giving him a chance to come back to life. Neku attacks with Psyches, either creating walls of fire or throwing icicles down from the sky.

Hidden Spirits

These characters are unlocked by defeating their spirits.

Character 7 - anima
A strange yellow octopus-like creature who managed to destroy over half of the moon, Korosensei is the current teacher of Class 3-E. The students of the class tasked with assassinating this being. He's the fastest character in the game, teleporting instead of sprinting. As for his weapon, he swallows poisons to change his form, but will also attack with his tentacle limbs.
Character 8 - anima
Hero of Time and holder of the Triforce of Courage, he is the child lnown as Link. With the Razor Sword at his ready and the Hylian Shield to back him up, he wields several different masks to transform into different forms that change his stats; Goron Link being powerful, Zora Link being quick and Deku Link being defensive.
Character 9 - anima
No one really knows what Waluigi is. He's tall, lanky, kind of weird and the accomplice(?) of Wario. He wears the metallic plating he previously wore in Mario Strikers Charged to boost his defence and he wields different sporting tools - baseball bats, tennis rackets, etc. - to attack with, each infused with strange powers.
Character 13 - anima
The Autonomously Thinking Fixed Artillery is a large computer integrated with an AI unit named Ritsu and a 3D printer capable of creating weapons. Her goal is to kill Korosensei, though he aided her by giving her life - a new appearance, a personality. He made her fit in. She uses her many firearms in combat, though is very slow, as she is wheeled around.
Character 14 - anima
The ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom's neighbouring desert kingdom is a woman by the name of Daisy. She can summon petals and flowers to attack enemies. Her weapon is a magical staff that is both based off the appearance of a daisy and the magic wands the Koopalings use.
Character 15 - anima
A duck-like Pokémon dude who carries a celery stalk. He's pretty chill, squaking at random but otherwise being super cool. He is a fast character who, using his celery stalk, deals minor damage that is increased by chaining combos.
Character 16 - anima
Isa Jo
Character 17 - anima
The daughter of Inaba police chief Ryotaro Dojima, Nanako is an eight year-old girl who is much smarter than most other children her age. Her attacks are all based around the dance moves she performs in Persona 4: Dancing All Night. Her special attacks have her summoning her "big bro" (cousin) Yu Narukami, who will attack with his various Personas.
Character 18 - anima

Enemy Characters

Enemy commanders and boss characters. This does not include the spirit characters.

Character 19 - anima
Character 20 - anima
Character 21 - anima
Character 22 - anima
Character 23 - anima




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