'This is a book that it will be interpreted by many. This is a book that it is going to change the people's mind. It is a book that may cause a war.
Guttenberg, The People Behind Genesis
I'm afraid that we lost control now. I fear that in the future, this will cause a war.
Roosevelt, Morgan
There is no goverment now. We are the ones that control it. We are the ones that decides whatever they have or not. This is war. And this is only the test to see what we can do with this machine.
Portman, The Rule 34
The United States of America have confirmed to begin the Full Control program, due recent attacks at the White House. Anyone against the goverment will be marked for death. This may start an internal war within the USA.
News reporter, Full Control
We had an opinion, that was different from theirs. We lost so many due the faults of so few. I stand still with my gun in hand, a cigarette in my mouth and only one boot remaining on my feet, I say, this is war.
Lt. Black, Anarchy Beings
It is a war between the bad and the evil. There is no good side for it. It is a two shaded grey war.
Stephen, The Remaining Ones
It is not over yet. I said once and I say it again, this is war.'
Lt. Black, Anarchy Beings, Part 2

Anarchyverse is a timeline which contains the 7-movie production of Locked Arts. The first movie released of the series was The Rule 34. The series is highly controversial, specially The Rule 34 and The People Behind Genesis due their highly controversial plots. The Anarchyverse is a fiction story that begins on pre-history, exactly 105 B.C. as it details the people who were writing the Genesis, as they always wanted to use the book as a way to control the pepole.

The series continued with Morgan, a spy-thriller about a female spy trapped in a mental hospital alongside serial killers, as the USA goverment tries to get her out of the location. In the movie, the people are unhappy with the actual government and their decisions that the goverment barely has any power now. The Rule 34 tells the story about an anarchy group who wants to use the USA technology against them, with that they begin utilizing a machine that can bring fiction characters to live, as a way to raise money, they use them in a brothel.

In Full Control, the USA begins the Full Control program, suggested by Roosevelt in Morgan, in which the USA now has full control of all the citizens actions and are free from any judgement from outside goverments. Full Control is unique because it tells the story from the point of view from the goverment, instead of the people. It is followed by Anarchy Beings, in which, ex-military members assemble a rebel group to overthrow the goverment and stop the Full Control program, the movie features Lt. Black, the grandson of Morgan, portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson.

The series takes a different spin with the new installment of the series, The Remaining Ones, which tells the story of the people that are neither in the anarchy group or in favor of the goverment. The series ends with Anarchy Beings, Part 2, but nothing about the movie is known yet.

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