Amnesia Vexrot
Full Name Amnesia Vexrot
Current Age Who Knows?
Gender Female
Species Human (possibly?)
Current Status Alive
Class Magician


Main Weapon(s) Cards


Ability/ies Shadows


Latest Appearance Timeless Warriors

Amnesia Vexrot is a mysterious woman who is described as a 'master of shadows and cards'. She is a very mysterious being, using cards to attack at most points, such as possibly exploding into a pile of them, teleporting away, or even soaring away on a pile of these cards. She also seems to be a cryomaniac, seeming to like ice more then fire. Most people have not seen her face, and many legends have originated from people 'seeing' her face.


Amnesia is a very quiet being, though when she speaks almost all the time it is some mysterious 'riddle'. She is very intelligent, nonetheless, and knows how to get out of many situations. She seems to be very secretive, almost never taking off her 'sad drama' mask.


Amnesia usually wears a Cerulean robe, and dyes her hair a light cyan with a streak of Cerulean down her long hair. Her robe pockets are almost always stuffed with cards, though they are purely cosmetic as she can make cards appear out of thin air. Her legs seem to have an 'ice' tattoo coiling up and stopping at her thighs. She wears a 'sad drama' mask that conceals her face, the only thing being revealed are her purple eyes. On the back of her robe she has a purple swirl with a red eye in the middle. She has size DD breasts.

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