Ambrosia Gunn
Ambrosia Gunn
Full Name Ambrosia Sophia Gunn
Current Age 25
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Supervillain
Main Weapon(s) Digi-claws
Height 7'
First Appearance Things Might Explode
Ambro (by Melissa}

Gunn (by The Librarian)

Ambrosia Gunn is a cynical supervillain that plans to destroy the world, and replace it with a giant planet that she plans to rule over, starting with constructing a massive weapon nicknamed 'Sinistar (Vivillios)' and blasting a hole through the earth. Ambrosia Gunn seems to have a heart of stone, killing even her boyfriend, just to show the heroes of Things Might Explode what she would do to them if they planned to stop her. She then disregards her 'heart of stone' personality soon enough, having a mental breakdown later in the game.


Ambrosia seems to be very mixed as to who she wants to be, at moments she is the 'ruthless villain', and at other points she is very emotional. With her heart of stone personality, she seems to hate everything on Vivillios, pulling off that cliche 'start the universe anew' villain personality. She also seems to like killing things, that's great.

In her emotional moments, she seems to just be very confused about everything, and just either ends up giving up or crying like a baby that just fell out of their chair. It seems to take her awhile to recover from her emotional moments, which many people take advantage of. Poor her.


Ambrosia is unusually tall, being a whopping 7 feet tall, allowing her to tower over almost all of her enemies. On one hand, she has 6 fingers, while on the other it is only five. She has ancient text tattoos all on her back and chest, which glow when she is enraged. Her hair is dyed purple, though it is presumed her original hair color was black. Her eyes are an abnormal light cyan, aswell as a bit of orange outlining the iris. She usually wears 'royal purple' pants and only a bra and a jacket up top, usually not buttoning the jacket, aswell. On her 6-fingered arm she has a digistructed claw that she usually uses in battle. She has size DD breasts, although they are nearly E.


Holding On

Main character of Holding On.

Timeless Warriors

The main character, aswell as one of the people in the Limbo Prophecy.




  • Ambrosia is actually red green colorblind.

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