Amatsuchi!: Piza chijo no seikatsu (US: Amatsuchi!: Life of a Pizza Slut) is an Original Video Animation produced by Toroko and released in September 9, 2016, in between the hiatus of Seasons 6 and 7. There is not much known about it, barring a few details released by one of the authors, Exotoro (Talk), on the Amatsuchi Encyclopedia's page for Pizayarō.


In this OVA, Pizayarō orders a pizza and eats it in a dark room with a bunch of candles and a picture of Amatsuchi which she furiously masturbates to, using the pizza crusts as make-shift dildos. The next morning she heads to find Amatsuchi and tells her that she loves her and Amatsuchi and Pizayarō kiss only to reveal that it's a daydream she has on the bus.
A shark man attacks the city, causing Amatsuchi to aggressively hit on it. Pizayarō gets mad and kills the shark man, only for Amatsuchi to cook it into sushi. Pizayarō leaves, somewhat sad, somewhat happy that Amatsuchi is at least happy.

-Pizayarō's page.


Role Japanese Voice Actor 1° Dub English Voice Actor 2° Dub English Voice Actor
Pizayarō Kana Akutsu Lily Snowden-Fine Grey DeLisle
Amatsuchi Aki Nagao Amanda Leighton Jamie Marchi
Unnamed Shark Man Takuma Suzuki Lee Tockar David Hayter


  • Surprisingly, even though the unnamed shark man has only appeared here, he is a fan favorite and appears in many Amatsuchi fanfics.
    • The most common name people have given him is "Megarodon".
  • Funnily enough, all the three voice actors of the unnamed shark man have voiced acted shark creatures before. Takumi Suzuki was the voice actor of SharkMan.EXE in the anime Mega Man NT Warrior, Lee Tockar voiced one of the main characters in the 80s animated series Street Sharks and David Hayter is the voice of King Shark of the Flash TV series.

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