This is the page for the first season of Amatsuchi!.


No. (series) No. (season) Title Air Date Writer
1 1 In Need Of Sushi March 3, 2016 Locky Lorean
The episode begins with a flashback of Amatsuchi's life, as an orphan living on the streets of Tokyo. She lives nearby the seas, where she saw the fish. She found herself finding the fish to be beautiful and started developing a bond with the fish, starting her fish fetish. Flash foward years later, Amatsuchi steals a sushi from a sushi bar and decides to pleasure herself with it. She decides that she can't keep stealing sushi and needs someone to make sushi for her and attempts to find someone to make sushi for her. Hilarity ensues as she meets up with strangers trying to know if they can do sushi. At the end of the episode, she finds someone that can, however, that someone is none other than her long lost brother.
2 2 Fishy Love March 4, 2016 Jared "Ethereal"
After having a chat with her Ryorijin, who she has no idea is her brother, she decides to forget the fact that he isn't a piece of sushi nor a fish and asks him on a date, and they end up having sushi for dinner at Ryorijin's house, struggling very much to not pleasure herself with the sushi. She ends up losing control, shoving all of the sushi down here, but Amatsuchi is relieved to know that Ryorijin does not care that she shoves sushi up her pussy. She then begins to go home, and finds a man who seems to be throwing out perfectly good fish, causing her to go into a rage. She chases the chef and ends up pushing him into the ocean, but once the man comes out of the ocean, he explains to her that the fish was rotting, and Amatsuchi chuckles. In the end credits scene, it shows a bunch of people in hoods chanting around a Kutourfu symbol.

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