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The ninth season of American animated television series Adventure Time, created by Pendleton Ward, began airing on Cartoon Network in the United States following the series' eighth season. The series is based on a short produced for Frederator's Nicktoons Network animation incubator series Random! Cartoons. The season follows the adventures of Finn, a human boy, and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake, a dog with magical powers which allow him to shapeshift at will. Finn and Jake live in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo. Along the way, they interact with the other main characters of the show: Princess Bubblegum, The Ice King, and Marceline the Vampire Queen.

The first episode of the ninth season was the two-parter episode "Water Kingdom" and "Towards the Shore", both of which aired on November 12, 20XY.

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Title Info
TBA 1 Water Kingdom Splash Princess, Martin and Jake have to find a new soul with Lich Finn so that neither Martin or Finn die. They head back to the Water Kingdom to see if they can find a spare soul as Splash Princess remembers seeing one lying around. As the three head into the water kingdom, Martin can't swim so Jake has to pull him around everywhere, which causes problems when they do actually find the soul bottles.
TBA 2 Towards the Shore As Splash Princess and Jake chase after the bottled spirits, Martin realizes that Finn's life is more valuable than his and gives up his soul to the Lich so that Finn may live. After his final words, Finn, Splash Princess, and Jake trap the Lich in a bottle, which they give to Princess Bubblegum.
TBA 3 Dimensional Dungeon Shoko, Farmworld Finn, Fionna, Baby Finn, and Pillow World Finn team up to complete a dungeon that stretches into mutiple dimensions, where they battle "The Mother". Finn awakens from his dream and stores this information into the vault.
TBA 4 Beyond the Limit TBA
TBA 5 Something Bigger TBA
TBA 6 The Twisted Blade TBA
TBA 7 The Scratch TBA
TBA 8 Vapor and Smoke TBA
TBA 9 The Bag
(Part 1)
Ice King finds a mysterious bag that can hold anything inside it, and Finn and Jake find that he's using it to kidnap princesses so they head to stop him. After a fight, Finn and Jake land inside the bag, where they find Princess Bubblegum having tea with Prince Gumball.
TBA 10 Fionna & Cake and Finn & Jake
(Part 2)
TBA 11 Pinpointer TBA
TBA 12 Weather Top Mountain TBA
TBA 13 Packer Boys TBA
TBA 14 Prismal Fear TBA
TBA 15 Cube of Time TBA
TBA 16 Medical Leave
(Part 1)
TBA 17 Lethal Injection
(Part 2)
TBA 18 Peppermint Wind TBA
TBA 19 Cosmic Screech TBA
TBA 20 Susan TBA
TBA 21 Screechers! TBA

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