This is the list of upcoming episodes for Darth Phazon's fan season of Adventure Time.

Image Name Synopsis Characters Voice Actors

Season 1:

Beneath the Mountain Ice King and Lemongrab's newfound feud is tearing apart the Land of Ooo, and in the process awakens a long-dormant mutant with dangerous powers!
Main Characters
  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Ice King
  • Lemongrab
Minor Characters
  • Princess Bubblegum (cameo)
  • Flame Princess (mentioned)
  • The Lich (mentioned)
  • Hunter (first appearance; cameo)
  • Jeremy Shada (Finn)
  • John DiMaggio (Jake)
  • Justin Roiland (Lemongrab)
  • Ice King (Tom Kenny) 
  • Fred Tatasciore (Hunter)
Steampunk Time A look into a alternate steampunk universe where everything is different 
Main Characters


Minor Characters


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