Can’t you see this? I’m a man without tomorrow...

A Man Without a Tomorrow is a story that follows a "RPG party group" that has gone their separate ways after defeating "Merta", a symbiotic octopus that used a virus to infect most of the world's population. Although defeated, Merta's after shocks has effected the world in a disastrous way and the losses are too great for Falskaar, who is seeing a "ghost" of Rose, a former member of the party that he was in love with before she was killed by one of Merta's pawns. It was written by Exotoro for the Lapis Challenge 2 (After the Final Boss).


Chapter 1: The Tender Fall

Chapter 2: She's Just A Ghost

Chapter 3: Spiraling into Forever

Chapter 4: Gotta Save My Friend's Soul

Chapter 5: Can't You See This?

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