ATHENS AntiVirus is a computer program developed by the TimeStrike company for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Android. It is the company's way of entering the antivirus competition on the market, and is intended to compete with the other antivirus programs. While ATHENS must be purchased before being used, all its features are available on start up. The user can activate a fortnight-long free trial of the program to test out its features.


ATHENS is capable of scanning and removing malicious software, from fake antivirus programs to adware to spyware, and is capable of removing rootkits and obliterating trojan horses. Alike Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, it runs in batch mode to reduce the chances of colliding with another antivirus program. It also helps block malicious websites and auto-updates its security database on its own command, and has a firewall. The user can choose to disable auto-updates if its inconvenient.

Unlike other antiviruses, ATHENS is built as if to be used by young children, using simple vocabulary and a simple interface, although the user can switch to a more adult-oriented theme that used the advanced terminology other antivirus programs use. Malicious files that are quarantined can be deleted, or placed in a safe program where the user can play a game that consists of shooting the files up until they're all gone, effectively deleting them from the computer.

The program costs ten USA dollars to purchase and download, other countries featuring the same price but converted to the country's respective currency.


  • Antivirus, adware, spyware, rootkit, trojan removal
  • Auto-updates
  • Simple interface and vocabulary
  • Malicious website blocking
  • Firewall protection
  • Small game meant to have the user have fun in obliterating the files
  • Rather low price considering its tools


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